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    Mar 1, 2018
    Georgia USA
    I just wanted to thank the members of this forum. Your experience and insights have helped me so much I can't even to begin to thank everyone personally. I am 52 and haven't picked up my basses in over 10 years. I am now getting back into it after such a long hiatus... Ari's book has really provided me the direction I needed to take my playing to the next level (and beyond). I am sure this is old news to alot of you (all?) but anyway, there is always that person (or 3) who may benefit. Thanks again to each and every one of you for sharing your knowledge!


    or if the link expires:

    Music Theory for the Bass Player: A Comprehensive and Hands-on Guide to Playing with More Confidence and Freedom Paperback – August 25, 2015
    by Ariane Cap 125 customer reviews

    #1 Best Sellerin Bass Guitar Songbooks
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    We're happy to be used! :D

    And Welcome out of the shadows!

    (Now that you know some stuff, it's on you to teach here too! ;))
  3. sbergman123


    Mar 1, 2018
    Georgia USA
    I'm always willing to add my 2 cents worth.