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    Jul 6, 2002
    Latrobe, PA
    I got my senior project proposal okayed by my "advisor"- I"m going to roughly explain the history and "types", and explain/show some of the anatomy, styles, and ways of playing the double bass... i started to explain what i was goign to do, but i got suprised/confused look followed by a blank stare [he's a math teacher... guess i shouldn't have expected much of a reaction]- it's great none the less...
    in any case, i'm currently working on my written report, this board in collaboration with "the Jazz Bass Book" and a few other sources are helping me a lot. Talk bass is probably one of the best references i've had- so... just wanted to say, "thank you"- :D - you guys have helped me [and other's no doubt] in all aspects of the bass~
  2. Good Luck. I am a teacher and the Senior Project coordinator for our school and I know what is involved with this. Make the most of it and it will be something you will always remember.