That dad-gummed A-string...

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  1. (hoping i've placed this thread in the right area...)

    I'm certain this is a common problem, but I can't recall just how to fix it, other than replacing the bridge.

    The A string on my Fender P-Bass Standard buzzes something horrible, especially down at the bridge saddle. I know my bass is probably a piece of crap, but I love it anyhow.

    I've already made sure there were at least three windings on the string peg (that was a big part of the problem before...) Would replacing the nut help? What about having a string-thru-body bridge installed? All comments welcome.
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    Does it buzz at the nut or the bridge?
    Press the string down between the nut and the machinehead. When it stops buzzing it's at the nut.
    Use more than 3 windings to increase the string angle and the buzzing might disappear

    Fender-style basses tend to have the A string buzz at the nut, because the is no string tree.
    One of the (many) design faults of Fenders (IMO!!!).
  3. The sucker buzzes at the bridge, but there's problems with the nut, too... I can almost slip the A right off the nut. When I put new strings on, I used the whole "four inches past the post" rule.
  4. Check to make sure none of the saddles are touching each other. Also check to see if the spring is just rolling around on its own.
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    I think that this is more of a problem for the Setup Forum.
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    It doesn't matter how many windings you have, so much as that you need to wind DOWN the shaft so the string leaves the tuner nearest the face of the peghead for maximum downward tension against the nut.

  7. There's a rule??? hmm i usually just judge. come to think of it, it usually works out about that.


  8. Here's what solved the buzzing A string on a Fender problem for me. Take a plastic cable tie, can find them anyplace that carries hardware or auto parts place, tie one around the A string only just past the end of the neck/beginning of the head stock. Make sure you pull it tight, cut off the slack. Bingo, buzz gone. Trent