That...disturbed me.

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  1. So this morning, I wake up, go on TB for a bit, then go to the kitchen to get something to munch on for a little bit. What do I find? A harmless granola bar box. So I fish one out of the box, and come back to browse (troll) TB some more.

    Without looking, I unwrap the treat and take a bite. All goes well, and all goes down well. Another bite, and all is well. Third bite I need to squeeze it out of the wrapper, so I do and take a bite. A couple crumbs fall on my shirt. I go to brush them off, as usual, and then they start moving.

    I look at the granola bar in horror, and notice that some of the "granola" is also moving. Not just the little black beetles, long worm/centipede type things and other fun little creatures as well. Wonderful, so here I am, staring at my insect infested granola bar. My half eaten granola bar.

    It's not the idea that bothers me, so much, as the image of it actually happening. It wasn't really that fun. I'm gonna stick to being spoon-fed blubber from now on.

    And I wondered why it tasted a bit "stale". Go figure.

    Come to think of it, how'd they get sealed into the wrapping to begin with? Someone over in China probably got executed for this...

    Oh well.

    It's a pleasant way to start your day.
  2. Why so disturbing? Are you a vegetarian? :)
  3. No, in fact, I take heart in devouring dead animals.

    However, these were neither dead nor did they belong in my granola bar.

    ******* bugs.
  4. Peaved

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    May 1, 2008
    Bugs should get out of granola bars and go back to Microsoft products where they belong.
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    Apr 17, 2007
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    yeah, that's definately not the way to start a day. my condolences for your bug-infested beginning.
  6. Thank you sir. Just found another one crawling to victory. Buggers.
  7. ahkiatt


    Sep 30, 2006
    Deep fried grasshoppers and mealworms taste like prawns and chicken respectively. Just my 2 cents' worth.
  8. wow i can no longer eat my froot loops
  9. prizefighter, are yours moving, too? Guys, c'mon- just cook the little buggers & munch on. :ninja:
  10. Well, I figured I'd make some eggs and bacon and move on---

    Wait a minute, how the hell do you cook a granola bar?

    That removes the convenience. Shame on you, bassteban. Shame.
  11. :D
  12. Sadly, I'm still hungry. Perhaps I'll make toast. Toast is safeish.
  13. You just keep thinking that...;)
  14. You, sir, are an *******.

    Atta boy :D
  15. C'mon mate, we have witchetty grubs for breakfast here.






    Here's a recipe:

    * The reason this recipe is for only one serving is that it is almost impossible to find anyone else to eat them with you.
    * First catch your witchetty grubs.
    * 1. Raw: Hold the live grub by the head, lower into the mouth, bite off at the neck and start chewing. Tastes like cream.
    * 2. Cooked: Throw them into the coals of the campfire and lightly roast till the skin is crisp like a sausage skin. Tastes like sweet scrambled eggs.
    * Tip:
    If eating them raw, it's important to start chewing straight away because it can be a bit disconcerting to have the grub wriggling inside your mouth for any length of time.

    And another recipe for witchetty soup.
  16. Yeah, but you people are weird. And your women are also hot. Well, some of them.

    And I'm down for eating bugs, but warn me first. And don't be in my granola bar. Damn.
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    If that was me I would have been cleaning vomit from my keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Unless I can get that image out of my mind, I still might have to do that.

  18. dave64o

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    That's both sig worthy and puke worthy.
  19. Wow.. two sig-worthy posts in one day. I must be on a roll.
  20. THAT^is sig-worthy, right there...