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That Fender Effect....Yuck or Yey

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Nancy-Boy, Sep 30, 2001.

  1. Nancy-Boy


    Sep 16, 2001
    im looking for a new bass..i was gonna be getting OLP Sterlin but they sold the last one which i wasnt very happy about and they wont be getting nemore till at least feb next year :mad: now im looking for a new bass...under £1000 and i dont know wot to get.i have an Ibanex dx3000 at the moment and its great and fast and i love it..but i want a bass that has better a better setup for slapping...now i always said to myself i would never bye a fender..because everyone has them..they all look alike (apart from colours and stuff) and i wanted something just as good but different...now i keep leaning towards a MM but my budget cant stretch to that and i want to buy new for warrenty and things like.that...please help..i really do not know wot to buy..my playing style is like that of Stu Zender frm Jamrioquai (well ex)..neone can help??
  2. martin303


    Sep 23, 2001
    Give a warwick a try !!

    I've had a warwick streamer std five string two
    pickup model for about a year... and the the poor
    old faithfull fender precision has been neglected
    ever since.

    It's great at funky jaco type sounds mixing the
    bridge and neck pickup....also big punchy sounds
    on the neck pickup.

    And the neck is the same as the more expensive

    at £500 - £600 :D a bargin...
  3. Come to the dark side, buy a fender.
  4. Dirty Road Cola

    Dirty Road Cola Guest

    Sep 8, 2000
    Gainesville, FL
    Stu Zender plays Zons, if I'm not mistaken..

    And my zon is for sale :D email me at tykell@cfl.rr.com .
  5. ldiezman


    Jul 11, 2001
    i don't think the OLP basses are really that great for slapping from what I hear.. i could be wrong.... but thats just what I heard.... and a fender jazz bass sounds most excellent when slapped..
  6. jbass27


    May 4, 2001
    St. Louis, MO
    If I'm not mistaken Stuart Zender played Warwicks not that that matters. I'd stay far away from the OLP MM stuff, a jazz bass MIA or MIM will give you a much better slap sound, and you don't even need to go to the active electronics in the deluxe basses to get it. The standards have a classic slap sound.
  7. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    stu played warwicks. he was the one who influenced me to try 'em.


    i'd recommend a warwick streamer LX, or perhaps a neck thru one if you can get one used. maybe even a corvette proline.

    i think that the slap sound on a warwick is one of the best out there, but that's just my not so unbiased opinion.

  8. You might want to try G&L L 2000 or somthing?

  9. Wow, Nancy-Boy, you play like Stuart Zender? I'm impressed.
  10. * smack * that's my line, you dolt ! :D
  11. sorry:(

    watch this i can make eric carman freakout on me to

    Rock on
  12. Nancy-Boy


    Sep 16, 2001
    i was reading your post. just to put things straight on good old stu....he plays a warick and a zon.i didnt actually say i though he played a MM or a Fender i just said i play like him :D sorry to be picky..unfortuantly my budget is getting tighter due to over more important things...i was looking at a Peavy Cirus 4 today...now how much are they...cause the one in the shop was down at £495 now in the front of "Guitar Buyer Magazine" it pictures them and it says Cirus Phantom??...i dunno all i know is they said £295....but im gonna keep looking and looking...goin to the Music Live 2001 in November at NEC..should be useful...u shud go i went last year and there were more basses than u can shake lotsa sticks at... :p neway thanx u guys..im gonna go back to my playing,..ermmm wot next..i think some No Doubt might be in order..good old Tony.,..:p

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