The 1970's- Heatwave- Too Hot Too Handle

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    Jan 28, 2009
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    That's all. Real simple groove but killer nonetheless:

    Anybody have any idea what kind of Amp that is that he's playing through?
  2. robkphoto


    Jan 28, 2009
    Brooklyn, NY
    Here's some more info on the bass player Mario Mantese:

    "In 1978, while leaving a gala night in London, he was stabbed by an unknown person. A knife hit him into the heart. For several minutes, he was clinically dead, before he could be reanimated and operated. When, after several months, he awoke from coma, he was blind, mute and paralysed in his entire body.
    In his autobiography he describes, how he managed to cope with that: "My consciousness was luminous, powerful and clear. At the same time, I was lying there in a paralysed body, without any possibility to communicate with the outer world. By being blind, I learnt to look inside and became able to see in a special way. Being mute taught me the active power of silence and by being totally paralysed, I learnt patience and within it, deep contentment ["Zufriedenheit"].
    By this change, currents of light revealed themselves to me, which took me deeper and deeper into the universe and opened up for me entirely new understanding of life in the universe. A spiritualization of the senses happened and I realized, that man, indeed, is a cosmic, multidimensional being. ..."
    He realized, that man continues to live even without his physical body, and that life is, in reality, never an occurrence bound to the body. So he realized, that he is time- and boundless.
    Since over 26 years, he imparts his insights in his darshans and gatherings to the people - now as Meister M (Master M).
    He says himself: "What I exemplify through my life is the following: One can live here with a family, with children, work and responsibility and nevertheless be perfectly boundless and free in the world. In the world, but not from the world. With both feet on the ground and the head in the universe. The awakened man is inconceivable and at the same time conceivable. However, these are not two different things, but one and the same, as the light, depending on the view, appears either as a wave or as a particle."
    Approximately one year after the accident, Mantese regained his eyesight, some time later the paralysis vanished and he could speak again. On his website, he is being referred to as a spiritual teacher. He writes books, hitherto two of which have been translated into French, and holds lectures and seminaries in Switzerland in the cities Z├╝rich and Winterthur in German and in Biel (french part of Switzerland) he talks French."

    Also realized that it's an Orange Amp. That's what I thought but wasn't sure they were around back then.
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    Dec 12, 1999
    Heatwave put out some nice R&B/Pop back in the '70s...their 1st 3 albums, especially.
    Their principal writer, keyboardist Rod Temperton, went onto compose stuff like Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall", "Thriller", etc. "Mystery" by The Manhatten Transfer was another one of his tunes.

    Mantese played some nice parts..."Party Poops" is one of my favourites. The ballads he played one, "Mind Blowing Decisions", Happiness Togetherness", etc.

    Cool band that went through a lotta tragic stuff.
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    1 year of intensive yoga 24/7, sometimes a drastic horrible accident can be a blessing