the 3 avaible Fender pickup sets

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  1. I was on looking at what jazz pickups to get as I am investing in a mexican Jazz and only plan on changing the pickups and bridge (as I believe those to be the weak aspects of the mex standards) anyway, I know pretty much what I want pickup wise...I want The Jazz bass Fender tone and I want passive pickups witch install easy and they must be passive. I have pretty much narrowed it down to three and were wondering people's opinions on them:

    Fender: ORIGINAL

    Fender: NOISELESS

    Fender: CUSTOM SHOP

    so what do you people think?
    thanks, rowan.
  2. brock29609

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    May 11, 2003
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    Change both pickups. You want your two pickups to hum-cancel. You won't regret it. Besides, an individual pick is more than half the price of a pair. I own one bass with the noisless pickups, and another with the Custom Shop pickups. Both are great, but I thick the Custom Shop is what you want. I've owned the Original pickups and I think they aren't lively enough. Very dull. The Custom Shops are slightly over wound and have more punch. You can find sets for $90-100. My Noiless pickups sound great with my Aggie preamp, but they aren't as impressive passive. has a great price and cheap shipping on the Custom Shops.