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The 3 String Coffin Bass Project

Discussion in 'Rockabilly [DB]' started by MikeBNashville, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. MikeBNashville


    Feb 9, 2014
    hi guys, this is my first post. I was hoping to get some feedback and advice on a project ive been working on. The ever popular coffin bass.

    I started building this thing on a whim, more or less out of boredom. its quickly become an obsession. at first i didnt care too much about it being length and size accurate but now, it want it to be perfect.

    I hand built all of this aside from the tuning keys, which are fender. for the body i used 1/4" thick plywood with 1/2" thick for the sides. im about to replace the back with a 1/8" thick piece of plywood. hopefully that will help with amplifying the sound. i think the thickness of the wood dampens it too much.

    The finger board is made from 3.5" wide by 1/2" thick mahogany, along with the bridge (which i recently replaced without metal string guides...bad idea to have those). the tuning machine, which is still in progress, is made from mahogany as well.

    The string actually run down into the body, im not sure if that affects the sound or not. how important for sound is a tailpiece?

    im working on a new fingerboard that is 36" long instead of the one i made at 28" long. i read somewhere that the length of the string from the nut to the bridge is pretty important for a deeper, louder sound.

    Over all, going into this, initially, with no plans and working strictly from memory and a few photo references, it sounds pretty good, but im sure it could sound better. any advice on angles, wood thickness, types of wood or anything else would be helpful...also, yes, those are weed eater strings....ive got some weedwhackers ordered....haha. here are a few pics of the building process.





  2. Hi.

    Welcome to TalkBass MikeBNashville.

    Great job, congrats.

    Do You have a bass-bar and a sound post, or some sort of bracing on the top?

    Those (especially the former) will help in getting a louder and more balanced sound.

    Tailpiece is pretty important, it reduces the lenght of the string, thus making them taughter and you can also tune the afterlenght.

  3. MikeBNashville


    Feb 9, 2014
    i think over the last 24 hours i have come to the conclusion that, A) aside from my knowledge of how to work with wood, I'm practically clueless on what the innerworkings of a bass are and, B) Im going to build another one and make it better than the first.

    So, to answer your question Sam, no, i have no bar and i dont have a sound post either. all of that will change on this next build.

    my initial plan is to start with the blanks from aged maple. 1/4" thick. im going to go with a coffin shape again...mainly b/c it is much easier to cut (and i like it). once i get going on it, ill regularly post pictures of the process, and im sure ill have plenty of questions.
  4. I look forward to the coffinbass II.... The Bassening.