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The Adventures of Gaz + Trace

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Arch Giddle, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. Well I had an interesting day yesterday. Took my Trace Head with me to Birmingham on the Tram. Halfway there, some ^$("%! wouldn't pay his fare so we had to wait on the platform until the police showed up and arrested him (can you believe this?).

    Anyhow, the upshot of this is that I dropped my amp on the station platform (I am relieved beyond words becuase when I eventually got to the Bass Centre, I found the Amp still works perfectly). Anyway, I was there to try out an Ashdown Mini 15 Cab.

    Having tried one, I felt extremely cheated that this cab could sound better than mine, weigh half as much and occupy half the space, as well as being built like the proverbial. It really isn't fair!

    I'm going back for one as soon as I have the money from selling my Trace Cab.
  2. Being a huge Trace fan, I have to admit that the Ashdown stuff is indeed very good.

    But look at it this way - Ashdown is almost an evolution of Trace stuff! I still like my Trace stuff - but could see me switching in the near future - funds allowing!
  3. Homer voice on.

    Ashdown mini cabs...MMMmmmmmmm

    Get a nice mini48 to put on top of the mini 15 you know you want too:D
  4. Yeah I tried the 4x8 too and although it was a bit toppy for me by itself....thunk

    .....sorry that was the sound of me bouncing off the monitor after passing out at the thought of a 1x15 and 4x8. Mmmmmmm indeed.

    Than all I'd need is an ABM 500 EVO to go on top them eh, Johnny?

  5. Drool - Ashdown!!!!! But I only got my Trace rig 1 year ago - it's far from done, gotta stick with Trace, gotta resist GAS, Gotta resist GAS.........:eek:
  6. MMMmmmmm lovely Ashdown, don't you hear the ABM500 calling JOHNNY BUY ME!! .I myself am immune, due to my superior intestinal fortitude AND my good lady threatening to kill me:D

    I like my Trace head(s) so i'll stick with them 'til they explode. The mini cabs however have been the best purchase i've made in a long time.:D

  7. Yes I hear it calling, however, my Trace rig is one year old, although my wife isn't threatening to kill me, she'd be happy to see me dead (we just split up), and I don't know how much (little!) money I'll have left when the dust settles!!!

    Trace will just have to do me for now;) :D

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