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The Ashton/FAME 300watt tube amp thread with PICS!!!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Pantsman, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. There's been a few threads on this amp over the history of talkbass but not much information has actually come out. I don't know much about the technical side of this amp, but I did my best to take some shots that will allow other people to have a look and see weather or not this is a good piece of kit or a lemon.

    I'll get around to doing a few quick recordings later today, but I don't really know what to record. I'll just get a couple of sounds I like and share them with you.





  2. GREAT!! Thanks for doing this Pants..... Be interesting to see if any FAME/EDEN etc owners chime in???????? pics 'd be great to see from those amps also.
    Sondclips would also be great to hear. Just a few with some simple lines... some with controls flat, boosted, cut etc....
    BTW what make are the tubes that the amp came with? What tubes are they also. Obviously 6xKT88's & 4 Li'l ones..(that we can see) .make & type?????

    Looks like a KILLER rig U got there!!

  3. They are 6 EH branded KT88's with the number 01 03 on the back of them for power tubes, there is a 12AU7 in the power section too. The preamp tubes are 2 12AT7's and a 1 12AX7 all EH branded as well, as for sound clips i'll do them a bit later, we are in the middle of practising atm.

    Edit: here are some VERY basic sound clips, Bass is a Squier 5 string Jazz with active preamp, 75% bridge pickup with a 50% bass boost on the pre-amp. First two clips are Gain at 10 and boost on with the master set to volume match the other clip and the 2nd one is Master at 10 and the gain backed off to volume match. The 3rd clip is what I run the amp at when we practise.

    Gain 10 EQ Flat

    Master 10 EQ Flat

    My Tone
  4. Bump

    Any people with some tech knowledge are welcome ot chime in
  5. sounds like a pretty FAAT tone their Pants! What are the AMP EQ settings on each? I DO like 'your tone'!! I'll try & get some of mine going soon & post!
  6. Micky-D


    Apr 7, 2009
    I am sorry to bump up an old thread, but that sounds fantastic. Exactly what I am after, perhaps a bit more 1.5-1.8KHz bite and 'crappy treble clank' however I am sure that my Sansamp can add some in. I'll be running it through an 8x10 as well, a good ol' Peavey 810TX with a compliment of two 18" drivers off a Peavey 3800. Does she get the volume up with your 810 without sounding like the offspring of a seat and a wet fart?

    Thanks for the thread bloke, you've made this choice very easy.

  7. Martizmo


    Mar 26, 2009
    Metro Detroit
    It would be nice if someone could A/B it to the Eden 300T. Preamp board looks almost identical.
  8. Im afraid i can't give you a verdict on this amps technical stats and overall verdict on the standard of the parts etc However i can tell you my verdict as an owner after buying this amp 10mth ago. The amp is running through an Acoustic 1x18 at present, with all the settings around 12 o'clock with the boost out. The sound is warm and fat and oozes bottom without distorting. I played my 5 string $$ through it to see how it would handle it and it was more of the same plus some, with a bit of growl. I was reluctant to buy an amp that was a budget model but after seeing examples of it being re-badged (eden et al) i thought i'd have a go. I wouldn't sell it now for the money i paid for it.

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