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The Audition 2 - The Grunge War

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Gunnar Þór, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. This just in: Bassist Gunnar Þór has revealed plans for a new movie, "The Audition 2". This movie will be a sequel to the popular movie "The Audition", in which the bassist's enemy was a speed-metal band which wanted him to abandon his ways and join them. Their evil plans were thwarted and our hero barely escaped with his amp.

    In the sequel he will face off against a grunge-rock band of unknown capability, though it is known that they follow the school of thought that "technique stifles creativity". Of the plot is known that our hero is contacted by this band through the internet and asked to audition for them, which he accepts. The producers are not willing to reveal more plot details at this point.

    Gunnar himself had this to say about the matter: "I think it's a good development, this grunge thing will be interesting to observe and the possible clashes between the bands' low technique approach with the characters' views will be interesting to follow."

    More news of this development are expected late Monday evening. Next up, Jim with the weather.

  2. Are things always this exciting in Iceland?
  3. yes, sadly... :rolleyes:

    if a shoplifter is caught in iceland it gets as much attention as when a mass murderer is caught in the US... :p :rolleyes:


    gangi þér vel, Gunnar! ;)
  4. Oh come on, it's only my second audition. Don't I get to be excited about that one too? :)

  5. Erlendur Már

    Erlendur Már

    May 24, 2000
    Good luck man!/Gangi þér vel maður!:)
  6. Please allow me to try out my icelandic on you all...

    Heftur með gaddavír í kjaftinum sem blæðir mig
    Læstur er lokaður inn í búri
    Dýr nakinn ber á mig
    Og bankar upp á frelsari
    Ótaminn setur í ný batterí
    Og hleður á ný
    Og hleður á ný
    Og hleður á ný
    Og hleður á ný
    Við tætum tryllt af stað
    Út í óvissuna þar
    Til að við rústum öllu og reisum aftur
    Aftur á ný
    Aftur á ný
    Aftur á ný
    Aftur á bak þar sem við ríðum
    Aftur með gaddavír
    Sem rífur upp gamalt gróið sár
    Er orðinn ryðguð sál
    Rafmagnið búið
    Mig langar að skera
    Og rista sjálfan mig á hol
    En þori það ekki
    Frekar slekk ég á mér
    Aleinn á ný

  7. LOL! Nice accent. :D

    Contained with a barbed wire in my mouth that bleeds me
    Locked am closed in a cage
    Animal naked shovels on me
    And a saviour knocks on my door
    Untamed puts in new batteries
    And reloads
    And reloads
    And reloads
    And reloads
    We blast off
    Into the unknown where
    So we'll raze everything and rebuild
    Once and again
    Once and again
    Once and again
    Again in the saddle where we ride
    Again with barbed wire
    Which tears up an old wound
    Has become a rusty soul
    The electricity's out
    I want to cut
    And cut myself up
    But can't do it
    I'd rather turn myself off
    Alone again.
  8. Well...

    ...that's pretty much everything I can say. I'm in shock. They weren't 25-ish, but my age. They didn't claim to play rock and actually played metal, but they played grunge-ish rock. They don't mind that I'm not a very good bassist. They let me write my own lines over their existing material. They actually are very nice and fun guys.

    The "bad" points are that they're not very good, but that's okay because I'm not either and they practise next to "Brain Police" which is a very loud experimental rock band.

    I liked playing with them and I think they liked me. They're going to call in a couple of days to let me know what they think, but I think I got the gig.

    That's good, right? :D :)
  9. Sounds cool... so do they do covers or originals?
  10. A mix of both I think.
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