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The Bass Guru needs a new amp sale (trade bait inside)

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Danny R., Jul 23, 2004.

  1. So I was playing my old Eden amp last nigth and it died, I took it to my tech and it's gonna be gone for a few weeks so I need a good replacement ASAP, so here's what I have to offer, I'll consder all offers but I need something with at least 300 watts.

    First thing, a brand new Korg "Pandora" PXR4 digital recording studio, it comes in the original box with all the accessories, paperwork, unfilled warranty card and a extra 64 mb memory card, it's practically new I just opened it and recorded a song with it, sounds great, it has a lot of features like a drum section, chromatic tuner and built-in multi-effects, check the Korg website for more info.

    Next, a mint lined fretless MIM Fender jazz bass, metallic blue, lined rosewood board and white pickguard, I spent days trying fretless basses at the guitar center and this one was the best, the sound and quality is the same as the American ones (that's the truth) it comes in a deluxe gig bag.

    Next, a brand new Aphex bass Xiter, this little box is awesome, it really changes the sound of your bass, comes in the original package with all the paperwork and unfilled warranty.

    I'll be glad to trade any combination of my stuff for a good bass amp, I'll throw everything including a couple of monster cables for something great, I have no pics but you all know what this stuff looks like, feel free to ask any question and thanks for looking.