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The Best Bass Lines You've NEVER Heard

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by GrooveWarrior, May 29, 2013.

  1. Post some of the bass lines you think your fellow TB'ers probably haven't heard, but should.

    I'll lead off with "Get On The Boat" by Prince. Bass line by Josh Dunham. It's a killer line!!

  2. Sonicfrog

    Sonicfrog Supporting Member

    Jan 4, 2008
    Fresno, CA
    I've got a couple.

    "Queen Of Misery" by Toy Matinee. It's Guy Pratt kicking this one in the teeth.

    OK... And the there's this... Just insane that anyone can do this with one thumb!!!!! Mark King RULES!!!!!! :bassist:

  3. NightCat


    Apr 4, 2013
    I honestly wonder if anyone clicks on these links. I have posted links on more than one thread and ..... crickets. Leaves me to wonder if my musical taste is really boring or what I've posted is only new to me.
    This is a bass line that has really influenced my playing. Fairly straight forward but a heavy groove that evolves and moves throughout the song.
    Terry Callier - Your gonna miss your Candyman http://youtu.be/_ZS4UxsE66U

    OK, I know this has to be well known but this gets me going better than coffee in the morning.
    Budgie - Breadfan (live in the studio) http://youtu.be/54H3EUAzpVg (who knew Geddy Lee had a sister who also played bass...)

  4. Clark Dark

    Clark Dark

    Mar 3, 2005
    I'll go old school
  5. NightCat


    Apr 4, 2013
  6. Sonicfrog

    Sonicfrog Supporting Member

    Jan 4, 2008
    Fresno, CA
    Mick Karn was a great player for sure!
  7. NightCat


    Apr 4, 2013
    Jean Luc is gettin' old. Guess that means I'm getting old. Killer bass. I would have sworn that was a fretless...
  8. Sonicfrog

    Sonicfrog Supporting Member

    Jan 4, 2008
    Fresno, CA
    Since we're going back to the 80's.... How about this! Leigh Gorman could really bring it!

  9. Tony Scalzo of Fastball on Fastball's song Human Torch from Make your Mama proud.

    To be honest Tony Scalzo, is one of my favourite bass players, singers and songwriters and Fastball is one of my favourite bands ever. I am so emotionally attached to some of their music that I would cry tears of joy if I ever see them play live.
  10. two fingers

    two fingers Opinionated blowhard. But not mad about it. Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    I'll have to think about it, but this is a GREAT topic.
  11. Clark Dark

    Clark Dark

    Mar 3, 2005
    it's okay, I've learned to embrace it. It looked like an ESP and sounds like flats, the player is flat out good.
  12. Mark Nye

    Mark Nye

    Sep 18, 2012
    Jason Black totally drives this song. Definitely one of my favorite punk bassists.

  13. Stick_Player

    Stick_Player Banned

    Nov 13, 2009
    Somewhere on the Alaska Panhandle (Juneau)
    Endorser: Plants vs. Zombies Pea Shooters
    Paul Chambers - So What

    Gustav Mahler - Symphony No.1, Movement 3
  14. themacinator

    themacinator Always looking for the perfect gig

    Oct 8, 2009
    8,600 feet in the Colorado Rockies
    Endorsing Artist: Babicz FCH Hardware
  15. Sonicfrog

    Sonicfrog Supporting Member

    Jan 4, 2008
    Fresno, CA
    One more.

    "Healing Waters" from Mr Mister.

    Too many people overlook the talented Richard Page on bass. Yes, his voice is golden! But he's a pretty damned good bass player too!

    A song doesn't need a billion notes played in twenty seconds to be effective! Sometimes a musically weaving bass line can knock your socks off!
  16. bass12

    bass12 And Grace, too Supporting Member

    Jun 8, 2008
    Montreal, Canada
    That's a great track (with a great bass line). Here are a few that come to mind:

    Khaled - "Trigue Lycee" (Gain Ann Dorsey on bass):
  17. "Nice 'N Sleazy" by the Stranglers
  18. Wow, and I always thought that was Kevin Gilbert playing bass. I still learn something every day!
  19. Sandwich Man

    Sandwich Man

    Apr 30, 2006
    New York
    I can see the musicality of the Terry Callier, but it's just not my cup of tea. Not really rhythmic enough to dance to. However, that Breadfan song is phenomenal, never heard it before. Definitely danceable. :bassist:
  20. Sonicfrog

    Sonicfrog Supporting Member

    Jan 4, 2008
    Fresno, CA
    KG was an excellent all around musician. He didn't play bass on TM, but played some on his solo albums, and even played bass on a couple of the song on Sheryl Crow's first album.