The Best Basslines/Songs You've NEVER Heard!

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  1. I know this is completely subjective, but I had a friend of mine ask for some good basslines or songs that he probably woudn't have heard before. I thought I would pass some along. Feel free to comment or add to the list. (I'm sticking mostly to electric here.)

    BWB - "It's Your Thing" and "Up For The Down Stroke" -- Christian McBride absolutely kills on these two covers.

    Chick Corea - "Fickle Funk" from Secret Agent -- Bunny Brunel's smokin' fretless!

    Christian McBride - "Brown Funk (For Ray)" from A Family Affair -- It's called Brown Funk because you will crap yourself when you listen to it!

    Christian McBride - "Boogie Woogie Waltz" from Vertical Vision -- Amazing cover of the Zawinal penned Weather Report tune!

    The Clinton Administration - The whole One Nation Under A Re-Groove CD -- Melvin Davis lays down the funk. Add Robert Walter and Clyde Stubblefield, and you can't help but bob your head!

    Dean Brown - "Take This!" from Here - I believe it is Richard Patterson or Skyler Deale on bass. Good Stuff.

    Dennis Chambers - The CD Outbreak. The whole thing is great, but check out "Otay" with Gary Willis on bass.

    The Detroit Experiment - "Baby Needs New Shoes" -- Al "The Burner" Turner on bass. This is one of the greatest songs I have heard. What a groove!

    Frayne - "Frayne's Soul Lounge Pt. 1" -- Frayne is Ramsey Lewis' son on bass. The bass tone and playing on this is tremendous!

    George Duke - The whole CD Face The Music -- It is Christian McBride on electric and upright. Unreal. Check out "Ten Mile Jog". I want that bass tone!

    Javon Jackson - "Quik" from Have You Heard -- Kenny Davis tears it up on this tune.

    Jimmy McGriff - "McGriff Avenue" -- Wilbur Bascomb, Jr. grooves on this. One of the rare occurances where there is actually a bass player on a B-3 player album.

    Jimmy Sommers - "This Weekend" from Lovelife -- Alex Al on bass. If you can wade through the smooth jazz schmaltz on this one, you will love the bass. Alex Al is a groovy MF!

    Joshua Redman Elastic Band - The album Momentum. Me'Shell and Flea trade bass duties on this one, and it is terrific!

    Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - "Because of Her Beauty" from The Bridge -- Chris Wood (MMW) grooves like no other on this song. The whole CD is great with a couple of other tunes with Wood, and Ron Johnson on the rest is great.

    Kevin Toney - "Ground Level" from 110 and Rising -- Alex Al tearing it up on another smooth jazz disc.

    Lee Ritenour - "Captain Fingers" -- Anthony Jackson tearing it up as usual. And please buy the Overtime DVD just to see them playing this song! Amazing!

    Lenny White - "Kashmir" from Edge -- Foley on bass. Ridiculous cover of the Zeppelin tune. I don't know who this Foley guy is, but man does he kill on this tune!

    Les McCann - "Shabalala" from On The Soul Side -- Abe Laboriel is awesome on this album!

    Owsley - Pick up either of his CD's Owsley and The Hard Way -- Millard Powers plays some fantastic bass all over these two!

    Poncho Sanchez - "Squib Cakes" from Do It! -- It's Tower of Power playing behind him, what more do you need!

    Raphael Saadiq - "Chic" from As Ray Ray -- Saadiq is a groove monster on this tune!

    Robert Walter - "The Tease" from There Goes The Neighborhood -- Chuck Rainey on bass. This whole album is great!

    Urban Knights - "Come Back Jack" and "School Days" from VI -- Maurice Fitzgerald tears it up on these two songs. Absolutely Killer!

    Van Hunt - "Dust" from Van Hunt -- Larry James on bass. This is just a great song from this neo-soul multi-instrumentalist.

    This is just a sample of tunes that you need to hear. Like I said, comment or add to the list!
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    And this Owl adds:

    Steve Khan - the entire "Modern Times" album, with Anthony Jackson's genius in full roar!
  3. Pink Floyds "Pigs (Three Different Ones). I know Pink Floyd isn't exactly rare, but for some reason people always overlook the Animals album. This song has some sweet bass playing, and even a little slap (sounds like it anyway).
    Also: Bozzio, Levin, Stevens-"Duende". An amazing collaboration between Tony Levin (bass/stick), Terry Bozzio, and Steve Stevens. Some incredible spanish-style guitar with Levin holdin it down underneath with a sweet groove.
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    Aug 26, 2003
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    Idiot Flesh - Blue Head
    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Sleep is Wrong
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Rockets Fall on Rockets
    The Mass - la porc
    Ephel Duath - The Passage
    John Butler Trio - Betterman
    Secret Chiefs 3 - Forms: The Holy Times
    Hawkwind - The Psychedelic Warlords
    Trio Convulsant - Spector of Serling
    Olivia Tremor Control - Sleeping Company

    That offbeat enough for you?
  5. Lo end PUNCH

    Lo end PUNCH

    Jan 28, 2005
    Rhondasm-Rhonda Smith
    Exotic Love-Maysa
    Weekend-Foster Sylvers&Hi-Tek
    Funky attitude-Shiela E.
    Crazy-Jessie Johnson
    Special Effects-Whispers
    2001 a Bass oddyssey-Jermain Jackson
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    If I've never heard 'em, how would I know! :confused:

    :bag: :D
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    Uhm, I never listen to the bass... what is that like another guitar? Like, doesn't the bass onlhy pleylikz the r00tz notz?! ***?!