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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by SirMjac28, Aug 22, 2018.

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    I have some vintage pedals that I wanted to corral and I also wanted a clean tone blender well I got that and then some. The Saturnworks Double Parallel Looper is the cat's meow and just what I needed I'm able to blend not only the clean tone but the individual loops as well.
    I have a Boss Octaver and Boss Enhancer in one loop and a DOD Meatbox and the DOD Edge (highly underrated) in the other loop. It's really nice to be able to blend just enough of the Octaver and Meatbox so I can use them more often. I also like the build quality and form factor it's not huge it fits nicely on my board but I would have liked the power input to be on the top not a big deal just my preference. Here's some copy from Saturn Works.

    "The Saturnworks double parallel looper seamlessly blends the signals of up to two FX loops with your dry signal. Most multi-loopers (and pedalboards in general) are arranged serially, meaning that the signal from the upstream loop feeds into the downstream loop - the problem being that the sound of the downstream pedal will always be affected by the upstream pedal, so you can't get the pure sound of both.

    A parallel setup lets you combine multiple sounds without one affecting the other. The parallel looper splits the signal, sends two channels through the FX loops, and a third straight through. An active mixer combines all three into a single output. You can combine the sounds of two fuzz pedals, an overdrive with a fuzz, a clean tone and a distortion, a delay with an overdrive, or whatever tasty combo you can dream up. The parallel looper can also be set up specifically for bass, please contact me for details.

    The Saturnworks double parallel looper uses active circuitry to avoid tone loss throughout the splitting and mixing process. It uses a triple buffered splitter, which has a separate buffer for each signal path. It also uses an active blender to avoid tone loss and eliminate crosstalk. This pedal runs on standard (for pedals) 9v DC center-negative power to function".

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