The Best Tech Schools?

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  1. Slapp Addict

    Slapp Addict

    May 5, 2008
    Hey im looking for a few opinions on some good reputable technical schools, specifically with good courses in computer programming. They also have to be in Michigan, and price doesn't matter.

    I thought about going to ITT Tech, but then read a few horror stories online and quickly changed my mind. Now im thinking about going to Davenport University, which has a quite a few campuses spread all over MI.

    I'm also curious if it matters that I don't have my High School Diploma, but a GED. Will this drastically lower my chances of getting into any school besides a community college? I'm not a moron, I just couldn't finish high school and get my diploma.

    All help is greatly appreciated since I have pretty much no idea how college works. Thats what I get for being a goof-off in school lol.
  2. Visirale


    Mar 23, 2003
    I'd say just make sure your school is accredited. A lot of the schools they advertise on TV aren't. You may learn a lot at the schools, but your degree will be utterly worthless...
  3. In terms of the public university system the strongest engineering programs are at Michigan(of course), Wayne State and Michigan Tech. I've got a mathematics degree from Wayne State, I liked it there alright.

    A degree from any of these places will have more long term value than one from a place like Davenport or ITT.
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    Mar 20, 2004
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    I grew up in Michigan. You've got nothing to lose if you apply to those schools, or even the regional schools (Northern, Eastern, Western, etc). Tech is far away, but not so forbidding in terms of its size. Also, this varies from state to state, but the community college system may have a program where you spend two years at the community college and another two years at a state university to get your bachelors degree.

    A bachelors degree, if you can snag one, does carry a bit more weight.

    If considering a for-profit school, definitely note Visirale's advice.