The biggest crook: Pavel de la Fuente

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  1. Fabien Prevost

    Fabien Prevost

    Jun 30, 2018
    I saw messages of people saying they have been waiting for their basses for 2/3 years and have never been delivered. In my case it's been over 10 years! This guy is the worst crook I have ever come across. I gave a deposit of 3000$ in 2008. I was told almost 20 times (all emails and iMessages kept) over these ten years that the bass had been shipped, that I would get pictures, and then that he had tremendous family problems (pure lies, I have talked to other bass manufacturer and they know the guy) and all kinds of stories including last November 2017 that he had shipped me 2 basses, one free to make up for the delay. Needless to say we are in July 2018 and nothing ever arrived...
    10 years.... I live in Paris, France. Legal action from here is not a real option, but I have other plans... In any case, if you want to loose money and be taken for an idiot, go with Pavel, he will satisfy you. If you want proof of what I say, just ask and I will send you all the documents (bank transfer proof, emails from that thief Pavel de la Fuente, etc....).
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