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The Breeders

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Bassline1414, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. I saw them on Last Call on NBC last night and I thought they freaking rocked. I've only heard the song they played last night and "Cannonball"...both of which I liked a lot. Are their albums worth buying? I believe their bass player is the same one from the Pixies, but I don't like them that much. Of course, that's due to the male vocalist.
  2. "pod" and "last splash" are supposed to be considered classics. and yes, kim deal, co-founder of the breeders with her sister kelly, was the bassist of the pixies. personally, i'm not a huge breeders fan. i LOVE the pixies, i think they're just incredible...but i always found kim's pixies songs to be not as good anyways, and i only own "last splash" because the aforementioned "cannonball" is possibly the most instantly catchy song of all time. i'm especially not such a huge fan of the new album, "title tk" either. it took them such a damn long time to put out and in the end, just was not that great.

    but i'm sure most indie-rock enthusiasts will assert that you must own "pod" and "last splash," so if you really want to, buy one of those. "cannonball" is on "last splash," so i would say go with that album if you like that song a lot.

  3. you're talking about Kim Deal, and she's awesome, and was awesome with the awesome Pixies. And she did get some lead vocals with the Pixies.

    Try their album Doolittle, it's a classic.
  4. I have the album "Surfer Rosa" and I literally can't stand some of the songs on there...namely "Tony's Theme", "Bone Machine", and "Broken Face", as well as several others. I do like Deal's track "Gigantic" as well as "Where Is My Mind?" but other than that, it doesn't do much for me.
  5. oh man, that's a shame. those songs are so great...especially bone machine. but to each their own, i guess. you really should give the pixies another chance, there's hardly a single indie band that's come out with something in the past 10 years that can say they were not influenced by the pixies in some way. nirvana at many times said they thought their music sounded just like a pixies rip-off.

    as mark said, "doolittle" is just a classic. it's not as raw as "surfer rosa" so maybe that'll be more up your style, although i personally think that "doolittle" is less accessible than "surfer rosa." if you really wanna hear the more polished, produced, yet still brilliant side of the pixies, you really can't go wrong with either of their last two albums: "Bossanova" and "Trompe le Monde." personally i like Trompe more, but they're all great. you should really give the pixies another chance, you really wont regret it.

    i like "gigantic" and some of kim's others pixies songs like "into the white," but her stuff just wears on me so quickly. "gigantic" is a great song, but it's almost too poppy. i listen to her songs a lot at one time, and then just get burned out on em. i think that's why i always liked the breeders less.

  6. It's not the raw production on Surfer Rosa that I don't like, it's the vocals and how some of the songs seem just thrown together at times.
  7. that's sort of what i meant by raw. i was partially referring to the production, which is admittedly quite gritty, but also the songs. i know exactly what you're talking about when you say that some of the songs seem thrown together, and i think the pixies started to dramatically change their approach to songwriting with "doolittle." of course, if you dont like frank black's vocals, then that's another story all together. personally, i love his voice, it's jumpy, it's punky, it's perfect for the pixies. but if it doesn't grab you, or even worse, if it annoys you, then there's not much i can do to about that :).

  8. God the Pixies are awesome. Nirvana is a my favorite band so I checked out the Breeders and the Pixies and was not disapointed. I am a huge Pixies fan. I like what Breeders songs i've heard. I'm a fan of Deal's vocals and Cannonball is defintly a great song. I would try them out. I would probably get Last Splash from the Breeders and/or get Death to the Pixies. It's a two disc set with an atempt at a "best of" and the second cd is a concert from 1990 in Holland. The live disc is the main reason i bought the set but the set is perfect for the new Pixie fan. Defintly give each band a chance.
  9. whaaaaaaaat... tony's theme is like the best song on the album. i can't listen to that one in the car or i'll get a speeding ticket. i think you just need to listen to it some more.

    "i got no lips i got no TONGUE!"

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