the brown noise

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  1. i was watching south park and i saw where they made everybody poop their pants by playing the note, my question is , is there a brown noise and dose it really make everybody poop themselves?

    (jt has probaly found this note if it exists on one of his 8 stringers):p :p
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    Ever watch two top fuel dragsters leave the line?
  3. actually i was in a porta potty when 2 rocket dragsters went off- (lets just say i was lucky to be in a porta potty)
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    I believe that the Nazis were working on this before Hitler popped himself into an EZ Bake oven. I think it was supposed to be in the 7 hZ range. Too low for most basses, unless you have a whammy bar on your bass like I do. Shucks, I have to wear steel belted underwear every time I play, just to be safe!
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    The U.S. has a weapon, as yet unimplemented AFAIK, that does just that: emit soundwaves that make people sick. I would imagine loss of bowel control is a part of that. No instrument I know of is capable of 7hZ, if that is indeed it. Maybe you could use a computer tone generator, if you had speakers that could reproduce that, but I don't think they exist.


    Jun 1, 2003
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    i saw something similar to this on the discovery channel :)D great channel!) it was about new prototype swat team weapons or something and they had a "sonic assault rifle" that used directional sound waves and when aimed at someone they hit the ground instantly, very stunned. i thought it was pretty cool!
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    There is a weapon that is actually two separate frequency range generators. When one of these things alone are aimed at a person, it does nothing. When both of these are aimed at the person, the sound waves interfere and that interference really screws up the person. It causes extreme "discomfort" in the abdomen, and yes, the person will crap themselves, or vomit. Or both.
  9. The frequency is 4.5 hz or 9 the higher octave. It was used as crowd control somewhere in europe. they dragged out large Horns (better efficiency) and yeah people were dropping to the floor holding their guts.

    It can kill you.


  10. mans0n


    Jun 15, 2002
    i am not sure any bar or club would appreciate a bass which could produce a sound that caused vomiting
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    Well, everyone would drink a lot, throw it up, so they'd need to drink a lot all over again. The bar wouldn't mind :D Just have the bathroom door very close by...


    Jun 1, 2003
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    :p smart man