The Chosen Few - British Rock & Blues (Chowny Bass)

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  1. Back in April We got together to do a bit of recording. We just had the one day - we were using a large canteen building, and a cobbled together set of microphones, but had the talents of Ramsey Racekite at the mixing desk and wild Keyboards. We took a break for pasties (thank you Archie Fugill) and then back to it....
    On vocals we have Bill Smith of The Salt Flat Rats, Archie Fugill on guitar, and Alan Williams on drums. Archie got a huge guitar sound on this.A good day all round and a lot of fun to do! Tim Chapple July 2018.

    Recorded in Cornwall, England - April 2018 Archie Fugill - Guitar Bill Smith - Vocals Alan Williams - Drums Tim Chapple - Bass Ramsey - Keyboards

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