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The Color Run is suing my friend's son.

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by VeganThump, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. VeganThump


    Jun 29, 2012
    South Jersey
    So a little background...

    I used to work at a pizza place when I was 17-27 for this guy and we became quite good friends, in fact, he was a bit of a father figure to me. Anyway, his son is a 20 year old college student in Boca Raton. He got interested in photography and as it turns out, hes actually pretty good at it. He was at a Color Run event, took some pictures, and posted them on his Facebook. He was then contacted by The Color Run's photo dept and they said they loved his pictures and asked if they could post them on their website, giving him credit wherever they were posted. My friends son agreed and was then hired by The Color Run to take some more pictures. So some time later my friends son gets handed a press kit for the Color Run with his photo in it, uncredited!! Also, he just happened to walk into a Sports Authority and sees a huge cardboard cutout of his photo promoting The Color Run, again uncredited. He received no compensation and had absolutely no idea that his images were being used. So he wrote them telling them he wanted compensation and credit for his images or otherwise stop using them. They responded by filing a lawsuit AGAINST HIM for using their name in his Facebook profile. Apparently, he put in his Facebook profile that he was working for them, which he was, so I'm not sure how they were able to file that suit but whatever. Point being that a huge company like this is bullying a young college kid and trying to steal his property.

    I dunno, I'm not usually one to get involved with things like this and it's possible I don't have All the information in this whole ordeal but I was just blown away when he told me The Color Run was suing his 20 year old son.

    My friend made a YouTube video about the whole thing if anyone wants to watch it. Mind you he's a little "eccentric" haha, but he makes some valid points.


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