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The Crackles (2 Questions)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by MikeyFingers, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. #1- I have a somewhat old Peavey amp. I don't even remember the specific model but it says "Basic 112" on the front. I've had it since about 1999 and in the last few months is started dying on me. When I use it, the volume fluctuates like crazy and it makes this awful crackling sound when I hit a note. I've taken the head out and I couldn't find any loose wires or connections, but that's all I could think of that might cause this. Any suggestions on how to fix it, preferrably without bringing it to a guitar shop/guy to fix it.

    #2- While that^ amp was giving me trouble, a friend of mine offerred to sell me his old amp for 25$. It's about half the size (just a little "kicker"), but it's got some balls and right now it sounds better then my other amp. When I play my fretless Jazz through it, it sounds great. When I play my Ibanez through it, it sounds like I'm using a distortion pedal. Is this maybe due to the old age of the amp combined with new active PUs? I can't figure it out, but it pisses me off cause I haven't been able to hear my fretted bass clearly for over 2 months.
  2. I would start by taking the head out of the cabinet, taking care to not pull the speaker wire, and work some cleaner/ lubricant such as Nu-Trol into all the pots. Good Luck :)
  3. ^Thanks. Where do I get that stuff? Would Guitar Center have it? Hardware store maybe?
  4. I've got a Basic 112 that's a couple of years older than yours, and it's a pretty decent little amp.

    From your description, it's hard to be certain what the exact problem is. "crackling" could be several things:

    a) dirty pots, though IMHO unless you've been pouring soft drinks into your amp, it seems a little too new to have dirty pots. Cleaner such as Caig Deoxit or Cailube is specifically designed for ptoentiometers, and is available from Parts Express (mail-order) or try your local electronics store. The hardware store or Guitar Center won't have a clue what you're talking about.

    b) preamp jack or effects out jack that's not making good contact internally (these are switching jacks).

    c) a speaker that has been overheated and now the voice coil is shorting out

    d) an output transistor that is going south, or another internal amp problem. These amps are normally as stout as a brick s***house though.

    Take it to an amp repair shop--NOT your local Guitar Center--and get it checked out....There's several ways to diagnose where the problem lies if I had the amp on my workbench, but over the Internet it's harder to describe.

    If you had another amp you could borrow, go from the Peavey's line out into the other amp's input. See if you now hear crackling through the other amp. If so, this means there's a problem in the Peavey's preamp section. If not, the problem is in the Peavey's output section or the Peavey's speaker.
  5. ^Awesome. Thanks. I don't think I have a Amp repair shop, there's a small local music store (privately owned, guitars etc). I would trust them more then GC, but I still don't want to have to pay for repairs unless I have to. I'm gonna try cleaning the pots, if that don't work I'll try running it through another amp like you said. Thanks.
  6. If that doesn't work and you don't have a local amp shop nearby, check the Peavy web site for authorized repair places, you may be better off shipping it to someone who knows what they're doing than just a local music store.

    And don't even think about giving it to Guitar center to fix. They spell "fix" with a "u".

  7. Yeah, I know GC sucks with repairs. I brought my bass in for a setup a few months ago, I got it back with 2 new scratches and tons of fret buzz. That's enough for me never to go back. However, the Sam Ash near me is awesome with that. There's a guy there who took lessons with Jaco in the 80s and actually knows what he's doing, like REALLY knows what he's doing. I played a Mexican Fender Fretless Jazz bass that he set up and it played better then the Jaco Sig model. If I bring it anywhere for repairs, it MIGHT be Sam Ash, but they'd probably overcharge (they always do, hence the nickname me and my friends gave it: Sam Ash= Scam Cash)
  8. There's a huge difference between setting up a bass and diagnosing/repairing an amp.

    Find a local Peavey authorized repair center instead and get the job done right. It almost certainly will wind up being cheaper and better than taking it to somebody who's not really qualified.

    Would you call a plumber if your house needed electrical wiring?
  9. Good point, but the overall atmosphere at this GC is one of confusion. The people working there wouldn't know a bass from a guitar if they weren't on opposite sides of the room. In general, I don't trust this store so I would never bring an amp there for repairs. I used the setup story as an example of the overall incompetance of the store.