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The Cult- "She sells sanctuary"= Stingray?

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by The Mock Turtle Regulator, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. in the Sept issue of BP the bassist for Our lady peace mentions that while recording an album with producer Bob Rock he got to use the white Fender Precision that Jamie Stewart used with The Cult (Bob Rock having produced The Cult's Sonic Temple album, and later The Cult and Beyond Good and Evil after Stewart had left the band).

    his comments puzzle me a bit "I tried playing it with a pick and the tones from "she sells sanctuary" were right there".

    but the bass tone on 'sanctuary doesn't sound like a P bass at all- more like the Musicman stingray that Jamie Stewart also played- and plays in the video for the song.

    anyone else got an opinion on this?
    was it the P bass, or is it another case of a big name player who doesn't know his bass tones;)

    re. the Cult P bass, I think Bob Rock used it when he appeared with Metallica at their recent small club gig- no doubt he's been using it on the new Metallica album.
  2. I always thought that the 'Love' album was done in the days thatv Jamie was using his Stingray!!! On Dreamtime, he used it with a lot of chorus! I'm sure that he was still using it through Love and Electric!

    Although, my P-bass ususally managed to get a pretty close sound to the Sanctuary sound!
  3. I think Electric was all done on a P bass- on "peace dog" and "lil devil" you can hear the P bass tone.
    Sonic temple sounds like P bass ("sweet soul sister", "new york", "soul asylum") and also stingray ("sun king").
    maybe the bassist for our lady peace just doesn't know his Cult albums;)

    Dreamtime and Love are probably all stingray as you say, although on "spiritwalker" and "love" it's difficult to tell.

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