The Deal That got away Thread

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    Thought this would be a fun thread to vent about the deal that slipped away or misses, whether it was a hot deal on Craigslist or a used piece of gear at Guitar Center or other box store - or something similar.

    I've had my fair share of gains and losses from deals or things I GAS'd for :)

    For me there was a guy I bought some parts from months ago that was selling a GB 9.0 with bag for $350. I was 10 min too late for telling him I wanted it until he committed to somebody else and it got away.
  2. A co-worker was going to sell his MIA Fender Precision sunburst tort pick guard dead mint for $600. I didn't have the money at the time. I asked him a month later if he sold it. He said that he's not selling it.
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    Sep 16, 2013
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    As i stated many times on this forum before, the Gibson EB-2 is my ideal bass look wise. I came to know some time last year that Dillion, a fairly obscure guitar company, made a model called the DB-335. Essentially, a EB-2 copy (except with a better mudbucker thats not muddy). Red. Gorgeous, instant GAS (which i have never really had before or since honestly) and while it was hard to find comments of people who played it, i did, and they were pretty satisfied. The best thing is, it's 450$. And it's available on ebay.

    So i start gathering money because frankly 450$ is hard on my budget even. After three months I finally have the money. I'm ready to buy it. They ebay listing has been there for all these months (it is an obscure instrument after all). I'd noticed the listing said it's the LAST EVER. What do they mean? I look it up on the Dillion site. They had to discontinue that very year (2013) because Gibson threathened to sue.... ok. But is that REALLY the last ever produced? I doubt it. So anyway, i'm looking at this bass everyday on the listing. I'm finally about to buy it, im gonna deposit a check the next day allowing me to pay for it. The night before buying it, before going to bed, i go to ebay to look a tthe listing again.......and's sold.

    I am despaired but not giving up. Surely that cant be the last ever? I turn the internet inside out looking for another one. Nothing. No online guitar shop lists one as available, i contact them..oh yeah...we hadnt updated our site, its gone, but they will contact dillion to know if they have one they could order. Dillion didn't. I cotnacte dillion myself who contacted all the shops that holds their products, gone.

    So by less than 24 hours i missed on the last one ever sold. I've been trying to find a used one since but no luck. I bet if they even sold a 100 of these (theyre small company after all) that'd be my chances are pretty much inexistent.

    I've been considering chinese eb-2 knockoffs...but probably would regret it even changing the pickups.
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    Feb 24, 2013
    Had been looking for fretless 5's.
    Found a Roscoe, but it would have put the family finances in a real bind so I passed.
    It sold a couple of days later (here) to someone I know.
    Bought a different fretless 5 and liked it a lot.
    Had a chance to play the very Roscoe I didn't buy and realized it was what I needed.
    Just then, the guy I bought the 5 from wanted to buy it back.
    Then, a Roscoe fretless 6 showed up in the classifieds.
    After a bit of 3-way deal, I shipped off the 5 and got my 6.
    Failed upward.
    Happy ending for 3 people.