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The Dilemma

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Optimus Prime, Jun 20, 2001.

  1. Should I buy a MusicMan StingRay with Piezo Pickups, or a Sterling?

    Or should I settle for a Fender American DeLuxe Jazz Bass? Or a Warwick FNA Jazzman?
  2. as said a million times here.. play them all and a/b them all and pick what fits you.
  3. RedGrange


    Jun 11, 2000
    Denver, CO
    get whichever you want the most :)
  4. Do you actually think I wanted these answers?

    Tell me what YOU think is the better!
  5. agyeman

    agyeman Member

    Mar 6, 2001
    I would get the sterling cause of the smaller body and neck :)
  6. agyeman

    agyeman Member

    Mar 6, 2001
    and it sounds great of cause ;)
  7. PJR


    Jun 20, 2001
    N.E. PA
    ....only problem with that is that all the basses you mention are fine , quality instruments.

    One man's wine is another man's grapejuice.

    You really need to try them out for yourself and choose based on your needs...and how they feel to your hands., and ears.

    JMO- Peter

  8. Yes, I understand. But what's your favourite of the basses mentioned?
  9. PJR


    Jun 20, 2001
    N.E. PA
    Ok......Here's my own personal opinion:

    listed in order of preference:

    MM Stingray
    MM Sterling
    Fender Am Jz
    Warwick FNA Jazzman

  10. *staring blindly on the screen* Deal!
  11. agyeman

    agyeman Member

    Mar 6, 2001
    I say this, give me your money, i'll go buy a musicman sterling. Send you a 15 page review of the bass, and i get to keep it as payment :)
  12. Chasarms

    Chasarms Casual Observer

    May 24, 2001
    Bettendorf, IA USA
    You should buy the Stingray. For breakfast you should eat oatmeal. But use brown sugar and not white. And you want a dash of cinamon. Although you think you prefer the smooth feel of a steel razor, you really want to use electric. Wear the blue shirt, not the beige one. Buy a Volvo, not the Toyota. And brush with gel, not paste.

  13. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Why brush? Bein' a rednek, I only have one tooth!:p

    Hey Optimus: It sounds like you want somebody else to pick which instrument is best for you. I'll give you a great answer: you tell me!

    None of the ones you listed are bad. You may have a hard time picking which one is best for you. But, what makes you think that anybody else would have an easier time picking which instrument is best for you? Better...who'd want to???:confused:

  14. shouldn't that be whine, thats what i sounds like to me

    does somone tell you whet to ****??

    we can only advise, that is what you do when you make the post, ask for our opinion

    we don't know whats best, get out there and try em all!!!

    if you've got the money to buy the bass, then spend some going to the shops,

    also, i saw your post for the sale of your "crappy" basses

    an attitude like this towards purchasing of a bass is most likely the cause of you having those "crappy basses"

  15. I'm too lazy to read all that....What bass should I buy though?
  16. well since you seem to want opinions i'll give you my preferred choices first off:
    Warwick FNA Jazz(though i'd say look at some other warwicks, theres maybe something to better fit you), next the sterling, easier for me to play than the stingray which comes next and the fender last simply cause fenders never feel right for me, but thats personnal preferrence.
    play them all, decide what you like is the best advice, arrange a table, rate the tone of each, playability, and other factors of each and see which averages out that you prefer most. and none of those basses are "settling" if you like tons of different tones though, try a G&L L-2000 you might be able to get close to all those sounds


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