The Elements for low gain OD

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  1. Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone who owns or has owned this pedal could shed some light. There are really no bass demos on YouTube for this pedal. The ones that are on there suck to be blunt and I’m struggling to find how this pedal works at low gain. I have my distortion sounds covered with a volt thrower and I’m looking for something to cover my lower gain overdrive sound. The reason this drew me in is that people say it doesn’t color your tone, it has a blend, and it has 3 band EQ. I hear this pedal praised all the time for its intense gain sounds but I haven’t heard much info on it’s low gain tones or any clips for that matter. Just trying to dig up as much info as possible before splurging on it. Out of all the overdrives I’ve used I enjoyed the Xotix effects Bass preamp the best. I found it to be pretty killer and I regret selling it. Considering just buying that back but I’m cknsidering giving the elements a try. Using a demon right now and it’s just not hitting the spot for me. My live rig is a Wal bass into a Mesa M-pulse 600. Thanks for any info guys.
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    Yes it does low gain very well. What are you trying to achieve? It doesn’t have a baked in tone like many other drives.
  3. I’m trying to achieve a low gain overdrive sound that doesn’t change the tone of my bass too much or suck low end. I’m not talking super low gain. I want it to be decently broken up. Think of something like the bass tone in bulls on parade. Most overdrives either color my sound, suck low end, or don’t behave well with my bass. I’ve had pedals that kill with my jazz bass at home and when I bring them out with my wal and Mesa they sound like garbage. I’ve just tried so many. I’ve been watching that thread about the guy tired of searching for an overdrive and it felt so relatable haha.
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  4. If you want bulls on parade the mbd1 does this in spades... slightly coloured but let’s the tone of the instrument through... with its clean blend you could easily get it low gain yet broken up?
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  5. I’ve never heard of that pedal. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion. My overdrive quest has exhausted me haha. I can’t ever seem to be happy with what I get.
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    Me too!

    I just a MXR Bass Distortion used here on TB. It sounds great! I'm more than pleased. "Surprised" is a more appropriate word.

    I'm using it at it's lower limits, for sure. But it sure works for me using the pedal with the blue light on (LED? Can't remember.), Tone all the way ccw, Wet and Dry at about 7:00 and Dry to get unity volume.

    I find it doesn't change the tone on my basses with a baked in flavor. There's a little low end loss or maybe a little mid punch to the tone, but not much. Works great in a mix and last weekend was always on for me. I just got it about a week ago so the honeymoon isn't over. But wait until one pops up used here on TB and snag it. IMO it's at least worth a try.

    YMMV, IMO, etc etc etc.
  7. The honeymoon hahaha. That’s the perfect way to describe every pedal purchase. At least half the pedals I buy are immediately “one of the best ones I’ve ever had” and within a couple weeks the excitement wears off and I realize I’m crazy lol.
  8. Yeah looking back at my old posts about Devi ever pedals from years ago when I was researching dirt pedals was like that... thought they were the best until I realised there was better out there a week later.
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  9. Okay I’ve taken your advice and I’m hoping I’m happy. Just ordered my Damnation MBD-1. Can’t wait :)
  10. Elements will do low gain pretty well. I loved the pedal until I didn't. IME it does high gain better than anything else - and the EQ will sound a bit better on a guitar too.
    As long as you don't detune, just simple EADG stuff, the EQ will be adequate, and the mix is good. If you detune a lot and go down to B or lower, the low end might feel a bit weak, depending on what sort of tone you're chasing.

    That said, I prefer other pedals if low gain is all you're looking to do.