the elusive roger waters bass

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  1. bon viesta

    bon viesta

    Dec 10, 2020
    what did rogers play? black body p bass with maple cap, right? with the occasional olympic white or sunburst, right? well, turns out in the midsts my obsession of looking at pictures of bassists i’ve found several pictures of roger rocking a custom color black precision bass with a rosewood fretboard. you don’t see many of those, do you? :drool::drool:

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  2. So the (originally) rosewood necked bass received it’s third neck, a Charvel maple neck with a 50’s style Fender logo. It also received a black pickguard, lost it’s bridge and pickup covers and became Roger’s main bass.

    Analysis: Roger Waters’ Black Fender Precision Basses
  3. bon viesta

    bon viesta

    Dec 10, 2020
    hmmm... i didn’t even know that! so his bass was always a rosewood cap but he just had to replace the neck?
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