The Eternal Comp/Preamp Signal Path Question...

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  1. Just got a SansAmp Bass Driver V2 DI, and my path is currently: Tuner > SansAmp > Boss Octave Box> MXR Bass Envelope Filter > Boss Chorus > Darkglass Hyper Luminal Compressor > Ampeg Portaflex 800.
    I'm considering switching the SansAmp from first to last, after the Darkgalss, 'cause I'm not getting the response I like from the octave box or the envelope filter with this chain. Any suggestions would be welcome; thank you and happy holidays : )
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    The bddi is probably acting as a compressor and killing your dynamics which would be awful for the filter and possibly the octave
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    I would go tuner, filter, octave, chorus compressor, sansamp to the amp. You’ll get max dynamics from the filter, a clean signal to the octave and the compressor will kill any extremes from the filter or octave
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  4. OK, thanks! I'll give it a try...
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    I'd do it more or less like this but I'd put the chorus between the compressor and the DI. In the end the best way to do it is to move stuff around until it sounds right to your ear.
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  6. Thanks! I'll try this too and let y'all know how it works out : )