The F Bass 2008 honey run has started

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by choad42, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Smallequestrian

    Smallequestrian Rock and/or Roll

    Jul 6, 2004
    New Jersey
    Its unfortunate that it turns people off that way, but its kind of the point. IIRC, George feels that the best sounding basses are his basic model(ash body/maple neck board/nitro finish). He would rather make/sell 2 standard models than one awesomely topped/optiomed one for the same price because he feels that the standard offering is the best.

    I am not saying I flatout agree with it, but in some regards, I can really understand his artistic vision.
  2. SMASH

    SMASH Guest

    Jan 18, 2000
    Great looking basses. I prefer the jack being on the front, but not too keen on it being in the pickguard - could lead to the pickguard breaking as seen on many old P basses. Someone said "slab bodies" - does that mean no countours on the back or front? If they do have those contours like a typical J bass, I don't see how these are "inferior" to some fancy-topped extravaganza.

    People might consider that F Bass is in Canada and the pricing on the site is in US Dollars, which have tanked massively the last few years so $1100 ain't what it used to be up here. In fact, it's currently less than $1100.

    Despite the pricing (or maybe because of it?... some people love to pay more so they can brag about it), 3 of those NAMM basses pictured are already sold. Maybe Mr. F isn't charging enough ! Anyone from here a buyer? I'll carve my initials in them at NAMM and you can cherish that as a TB memento.

    Speaking of which, on the NAMM page it says certain players will be appearing at the F booth. Is this typically done on a set schedule and are these appearances a clinic of sorts, or do these guys just pop by from time to time and shred?

    Further, with all the great players at the event, is there normally the chance to take lessons? These guys could make a lot of extra dough doing so.

    Gard, the new Roscoe looks cool too.
  3. Dave Hill

    Dave Hill Supporting Member

    Jan 9, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    No. Only one of them.

  4. Great post SMASH, I really never understood why some people are so offended buy what George is charging for options. If you don't like his prices or basses for that matter then look elsewhere.:p As SMASH pointed out, several of these basses have already been sold - that means somebody is diggin' on them.:bassist:

    By the way, if any TBers are attending NAMM this year you should stop by the F Bass booth if only to say hi to George and Mitch - they really are two of the nicest people one could ever meet. Plus it sounds like there will be so much player talent floating around the booth that the Vintage F-5s will be selling out instantly once people hear how good these things can sound. It's a great time to be in the F bass camp if you ask me.:D

    p.s. check out Mitch's playing as well - he throws down like a monster.

    Paul Theriault
  5. As far as I'm concerned it's an artistic integrity issue. Since the inception of F-Bass, George has demonstrated a clear-cut aesthetic vision, but now that consumer tastes are sliding backward into outdated "vintage" inspired styling, George suddenly decides to dumb down and bastardize his clean, modern design and jump on the trendy, ridiculously overcrowded faux-vintage bandwagon.

    Slab bodies with front routs and cheap plastic covers have always been a major labor-saving design shortcut to keep mass-production costs down, but the "boutique" builders who adopt the design seldom pass the savings on to the customer, as is clearly illustrated by the $4K base price on these instruments, as well as the clones by Sadowsky, et al. When a luthier with his own unique vision sells out his trademark design to pander to superficial fashion trends, I scratch him off my personal short list. I can't fault George's business acumen, but artistic vision and business have a funny way of becoming mutually exclusive.

    Try reading your own useless, ad hominem comment.


    If George stayed true to that sonic and/or artistic vision, he wouldn't compromise the tone of his instruments with laminated tops, but he appears more than happy to do so for an exorbitant price.
  6. Yvon


    Nov 2, 2000
    Montreal, Canada

    by far my favorite F ever!

    I just love cocobolo!
  7. Smallequestrian

    Smallequestrian Rock and/or Roll

    Jul 6, 2004
    New Jersey
    Seriously, did George whiz in your cheerios or something? I agree with bassmonkeee, unless George decided to start finishing all his basses with puppy blood, I can't think of why any new product addition would get you all up in arms.

    Besides, it wasn't an Ad Hominem attack. Read this:

    As you said, you have been happy with his stuff before, why should it change now? I think George said that he does the highend extras because some of his customers were asking for it and he wanted to provide that extra for some customers. I have no problem reconciling his crazy upgrade prices and his artistic integrity. Just because you are an artist doesn't mean you can't go for the extra dollar when it becomes available.

    I mean, its not like the basses with the fancy options suck, and he is just doing it to make a buck, by all accounts they are fine basses in their own right.

    Besides, its not like he said this is the only thing he will be doing from now on.
  8. Dave Hill

    Dave Hill Supporting Member

    Jan 9, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    I kinda felt the same way at first. I think all the builders jumping on the boutique jazz thing is rediculous...but somehow they sell. Some of the gear obsessed "players" around here have to own them all.

    But, George puts food on the table by building basses. He has to wear the hat of "businessman" as well as "luthier" and "artist". If this is the trend of the market, he may not be to survive without responding (just musing, I have no idea about the state of his business or his motivation for the new line). He may feel that he can make a better jazz bass than all these other builders that are selling bunches of them. I would think so. A good artist can add his own "fingerprint" to all kinds of different endeavors, and shouldn't be limited.

    The VF's are more unique than most of the other boutique jazzes. I mean, these other guys are too scared to change the shape for gods sake. All that being said, I'll stick to my BN5.
  9. puff father

    puff father

    Jan 20, 2006
    Endicott, NY

    I wonder how much this would cost if it were made by another well known brand that also happens to start with an F? Maybe even more than the Fbass?

    I think it's really beautiful but I can't afford or justify spending like that for the asthetics of it. I am as happy with my ash/maple F as I would be with that one. Since basses like that are selling, I guess the upcharge, though huge IMO, is justified to the buyers. And now it's worth Geoge's while to go through the considerable extra amount of time and effort that it takes him to build these 'topped' F's.

    Go George! Bring on the VF-5s and VF-4s! :) Just don't stop making BN models.
  10. I explained my reasons above. As far as I'm concerned, caving in to a trendy fashion bandwagon is reason enough for me to be disillusioned with a particular luthier's direction. YMMV, and that's fine by me. I'm not trying to single-handedly undermine the F-Bass company. I'm expressing a personal opinion.

    Referring to an individual's opinion as "the stupidest thing I've read in quite a while" isn't a personal attack? Okay; my mistake.
  11. Thank you!

    I have no doubt that these new instruments sound great, I'm just disappointed in the company's new direction. I'd feel the same way if Allan Holdsworth put out a Rap album :mad:. I'd still appreciate his previous work, but I'd be mighty disillusioned in what I'd view to be some seriously compromised artistic integrity. The choice of a musical instrument, like music itself, is a very personal thing in which emotions, rational or otherwise, often play a strong part, at least where I'm concerned.

    I wish George and Company all the best, but as it stands now, I'm not likely to buy my fifth in a long line of F-Basses in the foreseeable future. I'm sure the new lineup will do just fine without my patronage, though I'm amazed that people are willing to shell out so much cash for a front-routed body with a big slab of plastic on top, but then, I'm amazed at a lot of the stuff that people are buying into nowadays. :smug:
  12. I love my fbass (a rare BN4, he will make them if you ask and pay). I am not a big fan of the new fbass design (would look good without the pickguard), but I see why he is doing it. Also, in regards to the upcharge for the blocks/fancy top/whatever, people are willing to pay that and he still has a 6 month waiting list for a REGULAR non fancy bass. He is a busy man and people will pay top dollar for his basses.


  13. +1 This really is a fresh perspective on the j-bass theme IMO. There is no reason for anyone to think that F Bass have decided to "dumb down and bastardize" their reputation or their instruments. It makes great business sense to tap a market that seems to be flourishing, especially with some F bass mojo.;) Besides, there is nothing wrong with a little diversity in a luthier's stable. While the new VF-5 appears to be some what "Fenderish" in a general sort of way, I can assure you that it is still a thoroughbred F bass. To me, it felt and sounded like a really comfy, hand crafted, 5 string j-bass and would you believe it - that's what George intended it to be. Go figure........:D:cool:

    Paul Theriault
  14. Ostinato

    Ostinato Guest

    Feb 7, 2005
    Toronto ON
    Those web prices bear little relation to the actual price you'd be paying for one of his instruments. I am really keen on getting a BN4, so a while back I got a quote for a basic model from a dealer here in Ontario; it was VERY reasonable. It was basically a grand under the web price....and that's when our dollar was still well under par. Of course I was totally broke at the time.

  15. Bassflute


    Jun 24, 2006
    Endorsing Artist: MTD basses and strings; Bergantino Amps & Cabs
    Like I do. I think it is a ghastly bandwagon bass. Seriously ugly, with the ashtray just where Will Lee puts his on the Letterman show. Very tacky.

    I'm surprised he doesn't put the 'As Seen On TV' logo on it.

    As for George, I love his basses, almost, except for the no-angle-on-the-headstock thing (played several with open string rattles that required string trees to solve), and I always thought his headstocks were too big, and the body was a bit large. Lovely instruments, beautifully made; he copies some elements from Mr. Tobias' stuff (assymetrical neck, minimal finish, curved pickups which MTD has dumped, thank goodness - I hate those things). Just aesthetically not quite right.

    And they are now too expensive, IMHO. He's free to charge what he likes, I guess.

    I'll stick with my MTD's, thanks, even though I'm Canadian. Better instruments at a better price.

  16. I've always found that particular design shortcut to be an F drawback too, but I can usually cure any open string rattles that crop up by adding a few more string wraps around the tuning posts. For the price, the headstocks really should have a tiltback, preferably with a nice volute for some extra strength and a more elegant look.

    Really? I've never seen an F with an asymmetrical neck profile. :confused:
  17. Smallequestrian

    Smallequestrian Rock and/or Roll

    Jul 6, 2004
    New Jersey
    Right, I suppose Bassmonkeee could have said, "the most erroneous/silly/amiss/etc...thing I have read in quite a while" to make it sound a little nicer, but it is still not a personal attack. A personal attack would be calling you "the stupidest person on the planet" after reading your opinion. There is a big difference between calling an argument one makes stupid to actually calling that person stupid. There are plenty of people I respect in my life that I will call out if I hear them say something dumb or erroneous, but I don't call them stupid for it.

    Right, I get why people might think its a dumb move by George (bandwagon and all that) and I completely understand if someone doesn't like the new model. But what I don't understand and what I think is a stupid opinion, is why it completely sours the poster on the brand altogether and it takes away his enjoyment of the basses he already has or wanted to order. Its not effecting the current basses, so why should it matter?
  18. TheRam

    TheRam I spend more time on TB than I do practicing ...

    Feb 14, 2007
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    I'm a BN5 user and I love my F Bass! Its currently my number 1 go-to bass for my bass needs. I only don't grab it for rock gigs because I don't want to damage it. We must remember that an F Bass (mostly I refer to the BN5) is essentially a super jazz bass so I view the vintage series as more of a cosmetic change than anything else.

    Having said that I really don't see myself GAS for any of the Vintage models. Having said that there are two ways I see this move:

    1. From a sales perspective the guys at F Bass have decided to go the vintage route to attract a brand new kind of customer. You know, the kind that frequents boards like this and raves about how wonderful their expensive Fender clone is. George and gang are hoping to catch this market.

    2. From a marketing perspective, its a really bold move. People who like F Basses generally love the shape and are used to it. The vintage series generally would not attract these customers.

    So I understand how this is a strategic move to grow F Bass market share. The question is, will it attract enough purchases to justify the venture? Let hope for George and gang it will but even if it doesn't, F Bass has an already successful line of basses to keep it afloat.
  19. Yvon


    Nov 2, 2000
    Montreal, Canada

    well you probably never heard of Alain Caron?
    My ex-teacher Jean-Louis Locas (lots of tv shows, cirque du soleil, brodway shows on tour in montreal and many great artist....)

    And many others.
  20. NOTHING on an fbass is industry standard. All the pickups and preamps are made in house, all the woodworking is done by hand ect. I don't think that they even use standard tuners and bridges anymore.

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