The first single from my upcoming album.

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    The vocals are done by Big Rey who for years was an Elvis impersonator but who's now doing his own thing.

    I wrote this song with Big Rey in mind and because I've known him since childhood asked him to sing on it. It is the B-side of his current single and it will also be on my own upcoming album "The Return to Blueberry hill"

    The story of this song began a few years ago, Big Rey and his then girlfriend were expecting their first child but without an explanation, the said girlfriend left him and basically is ignoring all attempts even through court order for him to even meet his own daughter. By chance I ran into that woman and saw the girl and one thing that I saw straight away was how much she looked like Big Rey, even down to the eyes.

    I played guitar, Bass, 12 string guitar and mandolin, while drums, classical guitar and further guitar duties were handled by Maarten Driessen and Jacques Joosten, the whole thing was recorded in Maarten Driessen's studio

    The song is mine, registered and all.

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    Spring is in the air
    See the fun is everywhere
    The flowers are growing high
    see the children in the park
    as they are playing until dark
    The birds are in the sky

    Sometimes I wonder how it feels to hold your hand
    for you I would travel all across the land
    I see their parents take them away to somewhere safe
    It breaks my heart but I must be forever brave

    'Cause you don't know me
    'cause your mother won't allow you so
    Are you just like me?
    Oh how I really would love to know

    Love to take you down to school
    where they teach you all the rules
    get you ready for the world
    Buy you dresses oh so fair
    put pink ribbons in your hair
    You'll be a perfect girl

    Tell you stories before you go to sleep at night
    My little princess, I'll be your king and everything's right
    And don't worry about the nightmares that could appear
    Give me a hug, you're safe because your daddy is here.

    But you don't know me
    'Cause your mother won't allow you so
    Are you just like me?
    Oh how I really want to know

    Not even born
    I was forced to say goodbye
    The pictures shown
    Have a glimpse of paradise
    Because those pictures show
    that you have your daddy's eyes.
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    great job, man!