The frustration!

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  1. I ordered my Flamed maple Warwick Streamer Jazzman fretless 4 string a month ago from Sound Control UK. I was quoted 2 weeks for delivery... After chasing them 5 times in the last week I finally got a response from them, and they said that my "5 string honey violin streamer stage 1" would be here in another 3 weeks. :rollno:

    Idiots! :scowl: Needless to say there was some heated verbal debate over the phone regarding what I ordered, and I am now waiting for them to get back to me after they have checked the order with Warwick Germany. I even ordered the bass in store, and placed a £400 deposit, its not like I placed the order on the internet or anything... :mad:
  2. Ouch, I have heard nothing but bad news about the SC in Bristol, took 3 months for them to set up one of my friends basses. I live in Chippenham when I am not at uni, but haven't actually been to the SC there yet.
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    They've been alright with me, but thats a pretty big mistake to make. Can i reccomend either the Gallery(alex) or the Bass centre(tom) for flawless service in every experience i have had with either of them :)
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    Wow, I'd be pretty POed too. Hope you get your bass!