The Great War

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    Feb 9, 2009
    Started 100 years ago this August. One of my hobbies other then collecting stuff from the conflict has been re enacting.

    Two videos here at events I was at. They got everything but tanks and I hear they are working on that too.

    I've done a fair amount of reading on the war from middle school on and I have experienced some of the things I read about. The Night battles seem more realistic as your view point narrows to only our immediate surroundings.

    Anyone done this kinda thing, maybe civil war?
  2. I have a fascination with WWI, and it started with, of all things, Metallica's video "One". There were a lot of "firsts" with this war- machine guns, airplanes, poison gas, tanks, medical care advances and telephone communication. There were also "ancient" fighting tactics employed- opposing lines of men, shelling and charges. The BBC 10 part series "The World At War" was pretty awesome, I've watched the episodes many times. I've always wished that someone would release a first person shooter along the lines of Medal of Honor etc.

    Someday I'd love to tour the battlefields, see the bunkers, and just try to feel what the men felt in those trenches.

    I've been to Gettysburg and found the experience both awesome and overwhelming. I've attended re-enactments. It's pretty awesome.
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    Excuse me, but I don't see where this fits in to this forum.
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    Wherever I go around here, I see entire fields of crosses.
    The memory of the Ossuary of Verdun is well alive in my mind since I first saw it as a kid.
    I swear I don't need re-enactements to remember the atrocity of this war. The holes in my genealogical tree are sufficient.

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    Here's an interesting site that is ten km from my house. The training trenches are still mostly there. They are an exact replica of the system at Vimy ridge where allied soldiers trained for the final assault on Vimy and then went overseas and pulled it off. Wow.

    It isn't the meat grinder that the real Vimy was but it's really amazing to see.
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    Apr 8, 2011
    Wilfred Owen's poetry is what got me interested in WWI. I'm very slowly reading Rite of Spring, and I have other books about and related to it on deck.
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    Many soldiers died of typhoid, more than in combat.

    Complete blood bath it was, Grandfathers elder brother went and never came back.
  8. Wars not make one great.
  9. As if WWI wasn't bad enough, it to a large part set up the conditions that led to the 2nd WW. What a horrific span of years.
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    If you haven't seen it BBC2 showed an interesting documentary, "Royal Cousins at War", detailing how the (sometimes) petty feuds between the related royal families of Europe helped to lead to the tensions that started the war.
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    WOW! That's heavy!

    Being from France, one would know all too much about WWI (and WWII).

    WWI or the Great War set the stage for all the other wars afterward....................TERRIBLE.

    When does a war ever solve anything?

    As one popular statement says, "Killing for peace is like screwing for virginity."
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    Apr 8, 2011
    My grandfather was a Marine medic who served at Belleau Wood and survived the mustard gas.
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    Apr 8, 2011
    The entire 20th century is pretty much soaked in blood. We became highly proficient at slaughtering each other.
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    Screwing for virginity...No matter how illogical, I'm willing to go for it!
  15. both my grandads were there and the grim trench warfare ,disease,and cavalier waste of lives by commanders with unclear objectives is something to be reflected on with some respect and i'm not really sure video games and descriptions like "awesome" are appropriate...maybe time would be better spent a little more reading about the suffering of those wounded who lay screaming in no mans land for hours as their comrades waited for dark before venturing out to try to help them....

    my maternal grandad came back with a permanent disability that precluded him returning to the work he did,and as a consequence his six children spent the next few decades in abject poverty.....pretty awesome....maybe some of these guys that think that video game warfare is such fun should get the people at sony to include some of the misery in their games..
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    I have read about Tolkien's experiences in the first world war. Horrible stuff and some of it comes out in his writing.
    I am oppossed to warfare of all kinds. But I do understand it may be unavoidable at times.
    I am also opposed to other types of warfare. First off the war within myself and my old war with the world. I finally realized that I could win some of those battles but never win that war. I am also opposed to the type of warfare that would take a condescending attitude towards other people who enjoy reenacting these battles.
    I sometimes ask myself if my attitude a bridge to communication or a wedge that breaks it off.
  17. those who gloss over the realities of it all tend to forget what was actually fired from those cannon..... there is historical value in the civil war type reenactments... i've met some of the guys and that seems to be their motivation,and every one of them appeared keenly aware of what civil war troops endured....

    however that seems lost when the video game reduces it all to a series of explosions and sound effects ....
  18. it is believed that the movements of all those soldiers spread the influenza epidemic that killed millions in 1919
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    I can't disagree with you about the video games. When we invaded Iraq some of my co-workers were paying close attention via the internet and cheering as we dropped bombs on Baghdad. When I said "Hey guys people are getting killed down there, this is not a video game" they acted like I was some sort of insane radical.
    I do believe that a lot of wars start with simple actions and/or words. I have seen our version of wars here on TB. I also believe if we really want to stop violence and wars in this world it has to start with each of us.
    If I have a smug and/or arrogant attitude towards others it contributes to violence and not peace. If I want to talk to someone I disagree with mocking them and acting like I am superior cuts off any possiblity of communication. I have done it before and always regret it.
    I think listening is becoming a lost art where I live.
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    Aug 17, 2007
    The Great War or WW1 was also called "The War to End All Wars"

    That never really happened, huh... "Silly Human Race" - Jon Anderson