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The Gross Blister Bursting Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic [DB]' started by Anon2962, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Anon2962


    Aug 4, 2004
    I thought we should share amoungst ourselves those manky stories about blisters bursting while playing - or any gross blister related stories. Here's mine:

    I was playing a gig last summer in a cafe/bar - big enough place. So anyways, I get to the gig and realise I've left the power lead for the amp at home. I asked if they had a kettle lead behind the bar, but no, so it was acoustic for me.

    So I'm blasting away for the first set, and at the break I notice fairly impressive blisters on my index and middle finger.

    We continue playing for the second set, and about 3 songs before the end the rhythm guitar player suddenly jumps, and turns and gives me this filthy look. At around the same time I notice that the pressure of the blister on my index was no more. Turns out the blood and smegma mix from the blister which burst jetted past his face and directly into his pint. :eek:

    Luckily the guy was a complete langer, so I was happy enough!:D
  2. Marcus Johnson

    Marcus Johnson

    Nov 28, 2001
    Ughh...Conor, I think you are the default winner of this thread...I guess the question is, did he finish the pint?

    I had to do a bit of Google translating for your post...I found "manky" and "kettle lead", but I couldn't find a definition for "langer". I'm guessing it's not a good thing, though.:smug:
  3. Anon2962


    Aug 4, 2004
    Cork slang:

    Manky [adjective] unpleasant, disgusting, ugly, unappealling to the eye or to the sense of smell.
    "She's a manky ol' doll": She is a girl whose beauty is non-existent. "Some manky smell off yer wan": There is an unpleasant odour from that lady.

    Langer [noun] penis. "Feens has a langer": "Males have penises". Often used as a swear word. "You're a ****in' langer": self-explanatory. Can also be used as a term of endearment amoungst friends: "How's it goin' langer?": "How are you?"

    You can read more cork slang here.

    And the langer didn't finish his pint, but then agin, he was english, not irish. :rolleyes:
  4. M Ramsey

    M Ramsey

    Mar 12, 2005
    North Carolina
    Bluegrass jam, outdoors in Sep of 1990. I was just filling in as a bassman (it's been my gig since then) and I began developing a blister on the pad of my right index finger.

    Well, a bit later it broke. Developed another in the same spot, same result. And a third which also broke. I had gotten past the point of pain, until I stopped playing.

    This was on a Saturday, Labor Day weekend. The jam finished at aobut 10:30-11 PM. Went home, doctored the finger on Sunday and auditioned for my next band on Monday night.

    Got the gig. Ain't had no blisters since then.

    I do have extremely good callouses now.

  5. Anon2962


    Aug 4, 2004
    Sounds like rice crispies to me... snap crackle and pop.:D
  6. Oh, it w a s the cork slang.
    And I thought I was just plain stupid.
    Guys, you should hear Conor shooting off...


  7. Marcus Johnson

    Marcus Johnson

    Nov 28, 2001
    I gotta say, I really enjoyed that Cork website. It's almost like visiting another planet.
  8. Anon2962


    Aug 4, 2004
    you should visit the city...:smug:

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