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The 'hardest' bassist

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by arther daily, Apr 3, 2001.

  1. OK, we've pitched Flea against just about every dead bass player, lets figure out who could kick his ass from the realm of the living... and then who would go on to win the trophy!

    I'm talking about a full-on, bareknuckle, no holds barred, street fight... to the death!

    Who is the hardest bass player... and why?
  2. Here's some positive a negative examples, to help y'all get the idea:

    HARD: Lemmy - a definite contender (metaller, nasty moustache, used to be a speed addict, gotta be on the edge).

    SOFT: Paul McCartney - not a cat in Hells chance (puppy-dog eyes, Mull of Kintyre, Frog Chorus, owns a brand of unpleasant vegetarian sausages, say no more)

    HARD: Flea - could go all the way, if he can stay in control (claims to be a pacifist, but he'll fight if he has too. Small, but potentially lethal, has to attack full-on to stand a chace of survival)

    SOFT: Fieldy - He wont come first, but he wont come last either (dresses all rock an' roll & covered in tatts, but has friendly face, he doesnt have the pure strength and wont resort to nasty tactics, through stupidity over principals)

    Come on then, let's 'av it!!!
  3. Jean Jacques Burnel of The Stranglers.
    4th Dan in Karate, does karate tournaments and teaches it too.
    in his forties now, but getting in a fight with him's still a baaaaad idea.
    to summarise, one hard mutha.
  4. Ïn±ë®nål¦P®ÏMå±Ë

    Ïn±ë®nål¦P®ÏMå±Ë Guest

    Feb 14, 2001
    Les Claypool. He's a redneck, he owns guns.
  5. Pyr0Punk


    Apr 3, 2001
    Cardiff, Wales
    It has 2 B Timmy C from RATM - layin in2 all those security security guards at the MTV music awards. He kicked ass.
  6. brianrost

    brianrost Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2000
    Boston, Taxachusetts
    Considering songs like "Helter Skelter" and "I Want You" so I wouldn't count him out right away :)
  7. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    If I'm not mistaken Jeff Berlin did (does?) box, so I'd put my money on him.
  8. In an all out brawl, I'd put my money on Timmy C.

    If everyone was allowed to use their basses as weapons, then I think JT and his doubleneck would dominate.
  9. Ïn±ë®nål¦P®ÏMå±Ë

    Ïn±ë®nål¦P®ÏMå±Ë Guest

    Feb 14, 2001
    No no no... if they could use their bass as a weapon, anyone with a BC Rich bass would win. THOSE THINGS ARE POINTY!
  10. Damn straight!
  11. BLACKIE LAWLESS FROM W.A.S.P!!!!! Pointy basses and a circular saw blade codpiece to boot.
  12. *ToNeS*


    Jan 12, 2001
    Sydney AU
    ahem .. RYKNOW would beat them all to death and then eat their bloodied caracasses, i think ..
  13. Bruce Lindfield

    Bruce Lindfield Unprofessional TalkBass Contributor Gold Supporting Member In Memoriam

    Having seen the Stranglers in their heyday, I must agree with this - J-J Burnel was the epitome of "hardness" on stage. I attended one gig in Plymouth which was typical - Stanglers appear on stage and are covered in a literal "wave" of gob - carry on playing as if nothing happened. During the gig, glasses and many other objects were thrown, members of the audience were thrown or kicked off stage at various points by J-J. Eventually, the whole stage is "invaded" and the audience start pulling down the ceiling - whole ceiling comes down on the stage, but the band carry on regardless with "Down in the Sewer" played perfectly, but with all the mics down, so mostly as an instrumental. Gig ends to huge applause and the venue completely wrecked! The band emerge unscathed and go on to the next venue!
  14. nice one chaps, I'm impressed..

    I must admit JT popped into my mind when I thought of the bass as a weapon! One strike from the 40 pounder swinging roung his head... and it's curtains!

    What about Entwhistle... that Buzzard thing is spikey, kind of like a Klingon weapon... he looks like a wooss though.

    McCartney, maybe in his youth MAYBE, but not now... not after "Jet wooo, oo-oo-oooo-ooo-ooo"
  15. Moonraker


    Mar 7, 2001
    Another forum stating who's the 'best' or whatever , which is pointless because everyone's got their own opinion so there is no
    such thing as the 'hardest' bass player. Some of the contenders are quite interesting and funny anyhow.
  16. ME! grrrrrr

    wel heres a bit of irony here for you, NIcky WiRe
    of the manics( he's the lanky make up wearing guy)

    he can't play very well, but he chucked a bass at the crowd, missed and hit a security guard( broke his arm!!

    what a guy!
  17. "Another forum stating who's the 'best' or whatever , which is pointless because everyone's got their own opinion so there is no such thing as the 'hardest' bass player"

    Issa joke, a kind of parody on the 'Flea Vs' episode if you will...

    BUT the thing is you can actually compare bassists in terms of 'hardness'... I mean no-one can judge who is better musically becasue it's so subjective, but a fight to the death leaves only one winner!

    Two man enter, one man leave.
  18. Oh yeah, and when I said no hold barred I mean amps, effects, cabinets, cables, picks, strings... anything can be used as a weapon!

    What about that guy from Kid Rock - he's pretty chunkified?

    ...and Prince plays bass right?
  19. Dave Castelo

    Dave Castelo

    Apr 19, 2000
    does Gene Simmons´ bass count?
    come on! it´s a freakin´AXE
  20. ...this is true.. what about upright players... if someone lamped one of those round your head you'd know about it, but not very manouverable...

    Upright players would be like the end of level boss in a video game.

    Also if a bassist could only use as many string weapons as they played!

    Look out for the guy with that headless 10 stringer?

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