The Hung Jury at Callihan's Pub for "Joey Jam"Aug. 5th

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  1. Another in a string of birthday gigs this summer...

    We have played this one once before a couple of years ago. We just happened to be the band booked on that weekend at this venue when Joey decided to have his birthday party on the patio. The next year he wanted us, but the owner had booked someone else. This year, HE contacted us ahead of time to make sure we would be there. Joey is a bartender at a local Texas Roadhouse. Not really a place to have your party I guess, and who would want to have it where you work all day anyway?

    Since this place is a restaurant, we usually dont soundcheck there, just go set up. Our soundguy has a digital console and has our settings for where we play saved so he usually gets us dialed in pretty fast on the go. So we decide to show up around three for an 8pm start. The neat thing about this place is it's only three sets, 8pm-11pm. The bad thing about this place is it's only three sets. When you have a lot of songs that you play that you like it makes it hard to get all the faves in. But you are home earlier so that's a plus I guess.

    So anyway, I pull into the parking lot with my son with me to help out. He wanted some money for something so I thought he could earn it by helping lug gear and plug cables in. As I park, my phone rings. It's the soundguy Chad, who had been on vacation all week. "How bad would it be if I was still in North Carolina?" Um, bad, very bad. "No. haha, I'm almost there". What a comedian.

    So, set up goes well. The bar backs and the wait staff are having a hard time getting all of the tables arranged, which means it's going to be a packed house. Turns out the place is overflowing, so much so that we have to set Chad up OUTSIDE the fence around the patio.

    Will, the singer, shows up with the set list. We let him make it out since he is the one that has to sing the stuff. I look it over and a couple I want to do aren't on there, so he's like "ok put them here". And before you know it, it's go time. Crowd is jumpin'! Lots of folks there having a blast. Joey walking around and everyone celebrating his big day with him.

    "Joey Jam" is always a blast. We look forward to this one for months!!

    A couple of pics...

    The crowd just before we start...


    A shot of the dance floor...


    Here's a video of "Highway Star"....

    Right after the video stopped, he broke a string. It was the only song he used the guitar on that night!

    Thanks for reading!


    Edit: had to edit a picture out, but added another one....
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    Sounds like a fun gig, and I have to say I can see why your guitarist replaced you for that little stunt.:)
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  3. Hi,

    The joint's jumping! Looks like a good gig and a fun night. Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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    Very fun gig. Thanks for sharing.

    You need to think up a retaliatory prank to pull on funny-boy Chad. ;)

  5. Yeah, I do. I'll have to work on that.

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