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The hunt for an Eden WT-330

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by jordie65, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. been searching high and low for one of these fantastic amps since i played one a few months ago. to my disadvantage i live in Australia where gear is marked up riduculously. was wondering if any TB'ers knew where i could pick one of these up. many online retailers dont ship to australia. Second hand does not bother me as i'm but a poor student!
  2. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    I thought the 330s were only used in the older (pre 2008) time traveler combos... I could be wrong though... the wt405 is in the same family...

    oh and if you only need about 300w into 4ohms check out a used WT300, older, but has a tube pre section and fancy semi parametric eq!!

    good luck!!

    eden rocks!!!:bassist:
  3. Jordie65,

    A couple of suggestions for you:

    Have a look on the Eden forum and see if any are in the classifieds section. If not, leave a post there letting people know you are looking for one. Sometimes you might find someone who is upgrading or thinking of upgrading and may part with theirs to fund their next purchase.
    Only thing is that if you get one from OS, you may have to get the voltage changed as the WT330 doesn't auto detect local voltage like the newer WTX260, which is also worth considering as power is about the same, just smaller and lighter.
    Also, check some of the Aussie retailers sites like the Basscentre in Melbourne. These guys regularly get some second hand units in (and can hook you up on a good deal for a new one) and will deliver it to you. They have second hand amps on their site so you can see what they've got.

    Good luck in the hunt fella! :)
  4. rokkitt


    Jun 7, 2007
    bronx, nyc
    dont quote me on this....

    but I thought there was a used eden, 260 300 or 330, in the 14th street guitar center in NYC, USA

    I dont know the models , but it was small like a shuttle or a markbass LMII

    hope that helps!


  5. Most likley was the WTX260..........small and light like a shuttle only gold! :D
  6. thanks for the replies guys i will give the bass centre a call tomorrow but from what i saw on their website they didnt have a 330. yeah its an older model but the simplicity of the controls just grabbed me and it sounded like gorgeous flat. im new to eden gear do all the amps have the same sort of tone? noobish question i know! i heard a rumor myself thatchanging the voltage on these was very easy but once again thats only a rumor! ill head down to the eden forums now! any mroe advice on this much appreciated.
  7. jetofuj


    Jun 16, 2008

    WT330 is the older version of WT405. The only difference is that WT330 is a little bit weaker - 330W @ 4ohms and 430W @ 2ohms. Changing voltage in WT330 is very simple. It takes 5 minutes of work.
    I've got WT330 for sale at the moment, but I come from Europe and I want to get european price for it. It would be cheaper for you to buy it directly from States - there are few sellers on eBay that post the amps worldwide.

    Cheers, Kris
  8. Yes the voltage is easy to change- but its still recommended you get it done by someone who's comfortable jiggling high voltage connections. It would be very cheap to do though- the most time consuming part is unscrewing the case. AFAIK all Edens have a wiring diagram stuck to the case lid. I've never opened a WT330 but I've rewired a WT550. If you want a hand PM me.
  9. Best Eden buy with support = Bass Centre (Guy or Mel), all my Eden gear is from them and they always cut a great deal. Thing is, if you do have any prob they fix with enthusiasm.

    I had a small issue with my Eden preamp once, it was out of warranty, they fixed and refused to take any money.

    Good choice by the way, you may be better to hunt a 400 or 550 though???
  10. is there a major difference between the 330 and 400? i fell in love with the 330 tone and thats the tone i want!
  11. Eminor3rd

    Eminor3rd BLAAAAARRGGHH!!

    Feb 10, 2008
    The WT-300, 400, 500, 550, 600, and 800 are all hybrid designs with a tube preamp

    The WT-330 and 405 are all solid state and sound very similar. The 330 is no longer produced, so it will be easier to find a 405, though it will also be more expensive.
  12. thanks for that E min i was considering the 405 but i assumed the 330 would be cheaper and the additional power is not needed so i could settle for the cheaper 330 but if all else fails ill pick up a 405.
  13. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    as I mentioned before I strongly believe the 330 was ONLY used in time traveler combos, NOT sold as a separate amp. the 405 is a better bet to find.

    the wt300, wt400, wt550 and wt800 are "hybrid" amps with more sophisticated eq sections. you will notice a heavier bottom end on those amps than the 330 or 405. if you like weighty bottom you might look for a wt300 or 400. you could probably find them for about $400-500 USD in the states USED.
  14. jetofuj


    Jun 16, 2008
  15. well i played it as a seperate amp attached to a 4X10 XLT. it is looking more and more like ill go the 405. i dont think the extra bottom appeals to me as much so i think ill open up the search to a 405 as well as 330. on that note! anyone interested in selling one! or know someone who is!
  16. Rick Auricchio

    Rick Auricchio Registered Bass Offender

    There was also a 390 for a brief period. Part of the 330-390-405 line. Same amp, different power output.
  17. interesting rick ill look into that! thanks for that.

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