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The "I need a new Amp" thread!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by DryWater'Bass, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Hey Hey TBers!My amp's got a small problem...a slight case of death, ya know, no biggie!Lol.It's (Hartke HA3500) gotta couple of fried resistors, and once I can finally get it repaired it's gone, fatal flaw in designing, I've come up with.(It's got one major vent that's the heatsink..And the fan blows the air straight over the transformer and outta the 10Band...So It need to go.

    I'm down to a Peavey Centurion and I've been looking at Yamaha B100s(The Yamaha's a better choice for me, because of the Xover) Both have a fairly clear sound(Which I can dirty up with my BDDI) and capable Eqing.My soft spot for the PV is the fact it saved me when the Hartke blew up.And Both can usually be had for 100-150(From what I've seen)

    Which amps other amps(Power isn't a worry, but the more capable the preamp section the better)The PV and the Yammy both are a loud 100ish watts...So loudness must be a factor...

    Quick edit:The louder it is(More headroom for the wattage) Obviously the better It's got a tall order an Avatar 410(1400W moster, as all of you probably know)

    Also Anyone need a good BC Rich Platinum Supreme Warlock?Or a busted HA3500?It was worth a shot, If anyone can get it to a tech, I'll sell at a loss :D

    Thanks much!