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For Sale The idiots guide to pedal sales

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by aaronious, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. aaronious


    May 23, 2011
    Denver CO
    I did it again. I bought a bunch of pedals, knowing damn well I'll just play with them for a month but never actually use them with my jams. One day I'll learn. Until then... Reap the benefits of my stupidity.

    Hartke vxl. It's kinda ugly and the battery cover is taped down, but it works fine. It actually has a really nice overall sound. Good mild OD with passive basses balls to the wall with active basses. If I don't sell it, I won't mind. $50

    Ehx neo clone, new ish in box. Very nice chorus tones. $50

    Mxr 10 band eq with power supply in original box. Gain knob is little bent and chipped, works perfect. $70

    Zoom b3. With power supply and I printed the instructions for you already.
    Cool pedal. I like many of the tones great if you like to tinker $135

    Joyo power supply 2 with 9volt power supply and power cables. $35

    Also one used set of Fender 7250m's just took them off a brand spanking new Mexico P bass. Steel nickel plated 105 gauge. $10

    Gator g mini bone pedal board with carry bag. Good roughly 3 regular to medium sized pedals.$30

    PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS, some of the descriptions are a bit vague. I want you to know what your getting. I'll post pics shortly.

    All prices include shipping in the CONUS. And to my Canuck friends, I'll ship you as well, I ain't scared. Just message me and we'll work out pricing.
    PayPal preferred.
  2. aaronious


    May 23, 2011
    Denver CO
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