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The importance of a good teacher!!!!!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by oneoftheway, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. oneoftheway


    Nov 27, 2002
    Hey, heres the story...

    I had being getting lessons of a teacher that was really good, he moved away to study and so i had a teacher who was good but specilised more in guitar. I had lessons of him for about 4 weeks and he said i think i found a teacher that will be much better for you(he plays in a well known fusion jazz/funk in Australia). When i used to have lessons i would practise, but never really had the motivation to practise for hours like i used too. Well i got my first lesson of the new teacher today, i walk in, we start talking and he says what music you into? I say jazz, funk stuff like that. I tell him ive recently being sussing out lots of jaco and stuff like that by ear. I tell him im gunna start on Donna Lee soon, he plays the first 20 secs and goes "that might be a bit off havent played it for a few years, but i sussed that out by ear" Im pretty sure it was spot on. So.... im like, well im gunna learn more of this fella than the other guys. For the half hour the guy pretty much "SCARED THE CRAP OUTTA ME" he showed me monkey businessman(micheal manring) and tought me the intro of a compostion he was recording later tonight (which was also some crazy stuff, i was having more troble grasping that than the start of Donna Lee). He ran me through some of my exams i have to complete to go study music at uni. Even though i learnt heaps and got to hear someone play jaco flawless, the most valuable thing i got from the lesson was INSPIRATION!!!!!! I went home and practised like never before. He made me realise that i have so much more to learn, every time i go to see him i will what to learn more and more and never get burnt out again!!!! IF YOU LACK ENTHUSIASM FIND A TEACHER THAT INSPIRES YOU!!! because you improve so much faster and always keep hold of your passion for music! sorry bout the long post, but i know someone else out there must be burnt out like i used to be!!! But the best thing is im only 14 and still have more to learn.

    Seeya guys
  2. Hey dude

    Great to hear that yout teacher motivated you that much. Not to mention that it's awesome to hear that you're getting inspired by players like Jaco as early as you are. I'm sure if you keep it up you have people talking about you the way you're talking about your teacher:) .

    By the way who is the new teacher. Your profile doesn't say where abouts you live and I'm curious about this guy to (it sounds like we're into similar music). Oh and if you want to hear some more great fretless soloing see if you can get a copy of Alain Caron's Rythm n' jazz. He's into six string fretless for finger style and six string fretted for his double thumb slapping. Cool stuff. C-YA and keep up the grooves.

  3. oneoftheway


    Nov 27, 2002

    I live on the Gold Coast too!!! My teacher is Damien something and he plays for Thonk with aaron saxon. I know Aaron and have seen Thonk play a few times. Im so stoked A GOLD COAST TBer! Msg me when you got a gig coming up!!! Im might be playing at the shark bar at North Burleigh soon so ill tell you when that happens.

  4. Hey

    Well I'm not at the coast anymore:( but I din't bother to chamge my profile cause I'm just up the road in Brisbane. Not to mention that I'm down at the coast a fair bit anyway. I've seen Thonk play and Damien is indeed a bit of a monster infact i like his playing a lot more than the other guys (just my taste I guess). I can still let you know if I've got a gig coming up but I'm having band problems at the moment so it might be a while.

    Where abouts on the coast do you live? I used to live in Parklands and then Labrador (I was studying at Griffith Uni).

    As for other local-ish (read - brisbane) bands that you should try and check out: Everyman and His Llama (one of the most groovy bass players of all time with an amazing drummer - lots of cool odd time), also Afrodizziact if you're into hiphop/funk (same drummer as above). Also Gorganzola and Elation who both have a Jamiroquai kinda vibe (easiest way to describe it but not quite right).

    My funk/jazz band is called Phunk Shui and we're having problems with the line up but definately let me know about your gig at the shark bar and I'll try to make it. Let me know if you want any other suggestions for awe inspiring bass players. C-Ya