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The Kindness Of Your Fellow TBers

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Bryan R. Tyler, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Bryan R. Tyler

    Bryan R. Tyler TalkBass: Usurping My Practice Time Since 2002 Staff Member Administrator Gold Supporting Member

    May 3, 2002
    There are some really great people here. I just wanted to take a minute to make note of some TBers who've gone out of their way to help me out.

    WillPlay4Food: Dave lent me his Sansamp RBI for several weeks so I could test it against a BBE Bmax to see which preamp I wanted, because I can't drive to go out and test them on my own. I'm very glad I did- I decided to sell my Bmax and buy an RBI! Dave's also driven down to hang out and play several times, and he's one of the nicest guys you could meet.

    IvanMike: Has offered to drive me around to some music stores when I was amp hunting. Also offered to drive from RI to CT where I live to bring me to the RI GTG, and then drive me back when my wife's car died. I couldn't make it because of time constraints (we had to meet people that afternoon and the only way I could have made the GTG was if we had left when we originally planned), but it was very kind of him to offer.

    tappel: Made me a copy of an out-of print CD I'd been looking for for a while (the company that made it didn't even know where I could find a copy) and shipped it for no charge at all.

    Tumbao: Offered to be an intermidiary and help ship a bass from Puerto Rico to me from a seller he knew. The deal fell through because I had shipping restraints and a whole PayPal fiasco, but he was very kind to offer.

    XavierG: I posted a thread asking if anyone knew where I could find a music stand that was attached to a swivel arm, like a boom mike. Xavier saw the thread and offered to send me one he had like that for no cost whatsoever. The stand had unfortunately gotten lost and he couldn't find it, but it was a kind offer.

    Brad Johnson: Brad must have answered about two thousand questions I've asked him through PMs over the last few years.

    Mon Rominee: Recently built me a ramp/pedalboard for a ridiculously humble price. I had posted a thread asking if anyone knew where I could get a pre-made one, and he kindly offered to build it for me. Did a great job, too.

    There's been many others that have taken time out to answer my questions and taken time out to visit my website, and I wanted to thank them all as well.

    I'm sure many of you have experienced this on TB as well...any stories?
  2. There really are some awesome people here on TB.

    When I bought a bass from SMASH he sent me his band's CD for free which was really cool, I still listen to it all the time. He's also sent copies of other bands in his area to me free of charge along with (what I thought would be burned, but was a still shrinkwrapped, original copy) of a band in his area called Mongoose.

    Back when I was putting together my first rig, Tim Cole sent me a $40 speaker cable for free which I was freakin amazed by!

    bassboysam is going to be sending me a bunch of live clutch videos on VCD and audio along with demos and unreleased material of theirs which is totally awesome, I love Clutch.

    There are people here that'll help you out and become a real good friend without barely even knowing you, which is awesome. I'm glad I found TB.
  3. BillFitzMaurice was very helpful when I was building a 4x10.
  4. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    Gard - For putting up with me. Doesn's sound special, untill you realize he puts up with me

    Dave Siff - Let me crash at his place in aught three.

    Jon Burnet - Let me crash with them in aught three

    Connie - Let me crash with her in aught three.

    MJ5150 - Offered to drive my sister down from Seattle in the middle of an ice storm in '04. The dude barely knows me at ALL (hell, we don't even exchange PMs or anything), and was willing to make a 4-5 hour drive to drop off my sister from Seatac to PDX. Truely a badass dude. Panned out he didn't have to, but the offer was there, just like that.

    Jay - Because he puts up with me. And, when my bro's were delayed in Houston for 9 hours, he volunteered to entertain them, on my character alone (this was after they'd left, but again, that he even offered).

    Ben Strange - Has made numerous sound clips for me so I can hear different pedals in action.
  5. Jay - While he still lived in Texas, he let me in to majority of his shows for free (at least 5-6 times). He has also allowed me into his home on more than one occasion and offered me a bed to sleep in twice.

    MJ5150 - Once I said I lost an old ethernet cable, and he sent me one, free of charge. I don't really even know the guy well. Even paid for the shipping. Major kudos.

    Jazzbo - Gave me a free cd about three years ago. He's also reserved me spots on the TB fantasy football league in the past (including this season) which helps me out when I'm not around a pc.

    Dave Siff - Gave me a free cd about three years ago as well.
  6. jive1

    jive1 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jan 16, 2003
    Owner/Retailer: Jive Sound
    FuzzBass - Gave me a Bartolini pickup last year at the GTG. When I removed it from my project, I offered to give it back to him or give him the money from selling it, he refused. Ken kicks ass

    Hambone - Hasn't failed to answer questions I had about repairing and modifying basses in the forums or PM. His advice is practical and well explained. Truly a stand-up, class act guy who is an asset to the bass playing community.

    NJL - for his relentless search for the true identity of the Qintar.

    Jazzbo - For being a man and changing his sig for our bet. Showed he wasn't a sore loser by letting me into the TB Fantasy league.

    Everyone that willingly or unwilling was photoshop fodder for my silly posts. I got to laugh at the expense of others, while other were able to laugh at themselves. Thor, I'm still looking for something past 1973 from you, so you still suck :spit: ;)

    Everyone that has bought and sold to me in the classifieds. It keeps the gear funds rolling, the GAS satisfied, the clutter reduced, and the wife happy (sometimes)
  7. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    Nino of course gets my kudos, I was looking for a black pickguard for my MIM, and he offered to cut me one for free. I took him up on it and still owe him lunch.

    Few others, but none stick out in the mind as much as Nino.

    You all know you can count on me in a jam too!
  8. Man, there are just too many to mention. I think we all know who they are so I won't name names, except to say that one of the cats who always managed to offer helpful advise to many TB'ers was non other than rickbass (R.I.P).

  9. invisiman


    Feb 22, 2004
    Small world, I saw Mongoose play at my school.
  10. Haha, so it is, so it is. It is a great CD, SMASH said they put on an awesome live show, wish I could check one out!
  11. invisiman


    Feb 22, 2004
    Yeah, definatley a good show. The guitarists main amp failed though, which was very unfortunate.
  12. Okies, so I am so far away from every TB'er, so I'll make mention of those who have impressed me online:

    Petebass - excellent advice, and a nice way of dealing with newb. Thanks so much Pete.

    Brad Cook - for entertainment

    Mike Money - see above

    Nonsqtr - always makes me think

    BigMikeW - he likes Sadowsky, I believe

    Matt Till - for his insight and wisdom??

    I know I have forgotten so many people who actually make me happy, I am eternally sorry.

    I should just say - Talkbass is the most excellent community for people who play bass, whether double or guitar, and we have an invaluable resource at our fingertips here. All credit to Paul, the maker.

    Everyone who posts here expands my knowledge of the craft of bass playing - a huge thank you. :D

  13. eldave777


    May 24, 2005
    I have to mention Hounddog. I posted an opology once for something I posted and explained that I had Bells Palsy and my medicine had affected my attitude. Anyway, he sent me messages and incouraged me about the B.P. as he had it a couple of times and could relate to my situation. That's above and beyond IMO and I'll never forget it. So if your reading this doggy, your kindness means a lot to me and I 'shant' forget it.
  14. pointbass

    pointbass Jersey to Georgia Gold Supporting Member Supporting Member

    Nov 4, 2004
    Acworth, GA
    Endorsing Artist: FBB Bass Works
    As several have mentioned already, there are a large number of people here who have been very helpful in many ways, and my thanks to all. That said, I specifically wanted to thank two TBers who have had quite an impact on me, and it's likely that they don't even know they have been such an influence.

    First, big props to Major Metal for always making me think about a wide variety of subjects brought up in his OT posts, as well as for being a classic example of the proper way to respond to posts without being offensive or rude. I look forward to meeting you in person at the NYC GTG :D

    Second, TBer Jon Chewning who sold me my FBB fretless 6 string bass. I didn't know Jon (he has a kind of low profile here) before the transaction, but his pure honesty and terrific communication resulted in me ending up with, unquestionably, the finest bass I have ever owned. Thanks Jon, and the dinner/drink offer is always open when you're in the NJ area :cool:
  15. cheezewiz

    cheezewiz Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2002
    TB is pretty cool. I'd put the cool/d!c* ratio at about 100/1.
    I met one of my best buds through Talkbass, Tim Cole. Who would have known there was a dude pretty much just like me living 10 miles away who I'd never met before!

    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Staff Member Supporting Member

    This community truly has some great people in it. :)
  17. Max

    Max Supporting Member

    Feb 14, 2000
    Bakersfield, CA
    Munjibunga donated one of his buttcheeks to me after an unfortunate shark attack off of Santa Monica. I will forever be grateful for that. :hyper:

    I count Henry aka Funkster as a good friend and Gard is currently helping me through a difficul time. This is a great place and one of the best examples of how the Internet can connect people.
  18. Squidfinger

    Squidfinger I wish I could sing like Rick Danko.

    Jan 7, 2004
    Shreveport LA
    Treena Foster: Sent me (for free) a full set of TI jazz flats after the set I had bought turned out to have a defective E. Unfortunately it got lost in the mail and I never received it.

    Dude: Sent me a replacement E for the above mentioned set.

    Gard: Kept up correspondence with me every step of the way of my ordering my Bob Glaub from Bass Central. I actually felt like a valued customer and not just a dollar sign.

    cmhgreg: Was kind enough to open his Fostex recorder to give me some component codes.

    Thanks to all the above people. I will never forget your graciousness.
  19. Bryan R. Tyler

    Bryan R. Tyler TalkBass: Usurping My Practice Time Since 2002 Staff Member Administrator Gold Supporting Member

    May 3, 2002
    Speaking of which, when's the wedding?
  20. cheezewiz

    cheezewiz Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2002
    I can't talk Tim into marrying me. He wants the milk without buying the cow, that brute!