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  1. JJR.


    Jan 9, 2005

    I have the Behringer 450W (at 4ohm) head and the Warwick 211pro (8ohm) to go with it. This cab is 400W and the head runs at 8ohm since I'm only using this one cab.

    Now, the cab should be able to handle a head at 'full power' since the head is like a 225W at 8ohm.

    But while playing I notice that the LIMIT led on the head starts blinking pretty quick. Even when I think the cab easily can handle the sound.
    Is this dangerous ? Because if I want to play so that the LIMIT led would never blink I really have to turn it down (which I think is strange since I'm using a 400W cab).

    I have tried to push the head once and I played a song with the led almost constantly on and it still sounded nice and clean.

    So, my question, how accurate is that LIMIT led? Should I be worried that it's blink too much ?

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    Sep 28, 2004
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    Where is your gain at? The led just shows that the built in limiter is kickin' in. Although it should not be staying on continuously. Check your input gain, that is most likely the culprit. Also are you playing with an active or passive bass. If you play active you should play in the active jack. Playing active into the passive can overdrive the preamp and cause clipping. What is your VU meter reading?
  3. The cab you are using has nothing to do with the amount of times you see the limit LED. The limit is a function of the amplifier. It is protecting the cab by reducing signal peaks to avoid clipping. As long as the LED is not constantly lit you are OK. There would be a point when the limiter would no longer be able to reduce your signal at which time you will hear some nasty distorted sounds comming out of your cab. That is when it is time to turn things down.

    The only way to get louder without running into trouble is to get another 8 ohm cab or a more powerful amp.