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  1. There are lots of big reasons to like your instrument, but sometimes it's the little things that make you love it.

    I was playing my old 85 Matsumoku Westone Spectrum today and for the millionth time I found myself just staring at the beautiful rosewood fingerboard on this thing. As if it wasn't already a cool enough looking bass.




    While not my main player since I got my Ric, this bass will always be special.


    What are some of the little things you love about your favorite instruments?
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    I agree - it's the little things. There's something about every one of my basses that I appreciate, but my '78 'Ray has more of those 'little things'. I will have owned it for thirty years (in a few months), and I'm amazed how the mutes are still there and how they've petrified over the years. She's taken her share of (ab)use...

  3. I love the subtle pink tint to the poly used to finish the neck on my Yamaha Attitude LTD. it only shows at certain light angles and always draws a comment when someone isn't sure what they're seeing. A little detail I've never seen on another instrument that makes this one a lot of fun.

  4. I honestly feel like out of all the Conklin basses I've seen groove tools and even customs, that I got one of the coolest flame maple tops. I see a lot of these for sale used as I'm always on the lookout for them and a lot of them have little to no flame.

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    For most of mine, it's mostly the feel of them (sound, of course, is not a little thing). The machine-tool feel of my Kramer's aluminum neck, for example, and the bowling ball fretboard. Or the retro- kitschiness of my Danelectros. For the Tone Twins here, it's the feel, plus how they fit me. It's like someone measured me, and then built them; perfect. Same for the Alembic; perfect fit, plus the sheer manic perfection of the thing. I have a hard time just playing it, without getting distracted by 'Look at how that's made; wonder how long that took?'.

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    These are the exact things that leave me staring at my basses and drooling like an idiot sometimes. I'm a big fan of Mother Nature's beauty in common tools, furniture, cabinetry and woodwork. Basses combine my elements. From the metal of the hardware, to the components inside dictating and directing power, to the plastic the wood can wear like a's all good. I finally succumbed to my rosewood gas after playing maple boards for a long time and I'm so happy because I can look at that board for an hour, just transfixed by every nuance of its grain.

    I'm rambling, but I totally catch your drift.
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    Nov 17, 2010
    I totally feel the same way about rosewood fretboards. It just feels like home.