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    Apr 9, 2001
    Kopavogur, Iceland
    Okay...this I won´t do again for free.

    My band is going through this phase of trying to play everywhere to get our name and music into the circulation here in Iceland. So anyway, we got ourselves a gig last weekend playing in a town called Husavik. There was this festival there, and we kinda got into it at the last minute. We called them about 2weeks ago and asked if they needed a band to play there. They gladly accepted or offer, but told us that since we applied so late, we wouldn't get any money for it. They were way over their budget already. We said fine. We just decided to use this opportunity to play our second and third public gig, and use this as a practise in playing in front of a live audience.
    This town, Husavik, is about 500km away from Reykjavik (310 miles for you Americans). So in total we drove about 1000km(620miles) in order to play there. We played both friday and saturday night. It took us approx. 5 1/2hrs to drive to Husavik. And about 6 1/2hrs. to drive back to Reykjavik (where we live). So in total about 12hrs of driving.
    The gigs went pretty well. On friday night we played inside a tent. We played pretty well, we even got an encore. On saturday night we played outside, the first time we tried that one. D*mn, my fingers were as stiff as corpse´s fingers, it was cold, well not that cold, but too cold to be playing outside. I often had to resort to using the pick instead of plucking because I could barely move my fingers. But this was an interesting experience, wouldn´t want to have missed it, won´t do it again, for free that is :)

    1000km of driving (620miles)
    170$ expenses (gas, toll booths, etc.) Split 4 ways between band members.
    2 gigs, total of 100minutes of playing time.
    No groupies :)
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    Jun 13, 2000
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    File this under been there, done that. It's part of paying your dues. Sounds like you got some pretty good exposure (pardon the JT like pun), and you have the opportunity to play next year and get paid. Many, if not all, of us here have a similar story I am sure.

    Congrats on a good show anyway!