The Lost Boys DEBUT at Callihan's American Pub and Grill June 8

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  1. My band, The Lost Boys, played our first show at this bar last Saturday. We've been together for around a year, and have played several gigs in various places, but this was the first time here. The guitar player Brad, and I, had played this place a lot with our previous band and always rocked the place. It had been the first opportunity to get in there with this band though.

    The bar takes reservations for the patio on band nights, so if you ask early in the week or day of you can usually get a good idea of what kind of crowd you will have. I had forgotten to reserve a band table so I called that morning to see if they had any space left. They checked and said yeah, sure, no problem. That didn't sound good. With the last band there was no way you would get a table day of. Oh well...
    Joe, our sound guy said he would meet up with us and we decided on 5:30. We started at 7:30 but Joe is efficient and already had a mix of us from a previous show saved in his console. Since sound check is an issue here, that was good. We all got there a little before 5:30 and got settled in.

    As I set up I realized I had left my wireless at home. It's new and I'm still not used to bringing it with me. I just decided to go wired that night. Then I realized that I didn't have the stand for my Third either. So I called my son, and had him meet me about half way between home and the gig (neither of us had to drive more than 15 minutes...). When I got back I hooked everything up. Guess what? Yep...dead battery in the transmitter. So a trip to the store for 9v's.

    Finally, it's go-time! Just before we started, I walked around and talked to a few of the people there. Some of them were friends from when the old band had been there, and some weren't familiar so I spoke with them. When we started there were maybe 15-20 there. That was disappointing. The place held way more than that. Hopefully things would get better. 7:30 is kind of a weird start time anyway...

    We started off with Bon Jovi Wanted Dead or Alive. It rocks, but starts kinda mellow too. We thought it was a good choice. The crowd did too I guess because the small number of people there really cheered when we were done! Every song went over well! By the end of the first set the crowd had picked up quite a bit. After the end of the third set at the end of the night, it was full!
    Here's the only picture I have so far if the night....


    EDIT: right after I hit the post button, I got a call from the guitar player...the owner of the bar called him and said he had a band cancel for later in the month and wondered if we would want the date! Woo Hoo!
  2. Hi @bound'n'blocked,

    Well congratulations on the return booking! That's always nice.

    I'm curious, with your band's name, do you ever take advantage of the whole "Peter Pan" universe as a gig theme? Costumes? I think that would be pretty cool at least for a Halloween gig. :)

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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  3. Nah, It's more from the Kiefer Sutherland/Jason Patric '80s movie. Most of the stuff we do is late '80s-early 90s era hair rock and stuff like that.

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  4. Hi,

    Well how about that? I'm not familiar, don't think I've seen it. I'll have to check if that movie is on Netflix or something. ;)

    Thank you for your indulgence,

  5. Sucks when you forget something, it's been ahwile so I'm probably due for one of those moments too!

    Thanks for the gig review.
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  6. johnson79


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    I was hoping it was for the movie. I LOVED Lost Boys as a kid, and still do. The Corey's were both in it!
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  7. I loved it a college student! LOL thanks for making me feel old! J/K

    When we were coming up with band names, it just kind of summed up the era of the music we were it got picked.

    I kept suggesting names from the Accidental Band Names thread, but no one bit...:meh:

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  8. Cliff! The Lost boys was like the best 80's movie ever!
    Good sound track too -including 'Good Time" -INXS
    This looks like a good time -thanks for the post!

  9. p-lo


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    Great band name! Can't tell you how may times I watched that movie as a kid.
  10. Beej


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    Sounds like a great gig. :) One of my first bands when I was around 20, in like 1989 was called The Lost Boys, also named after the movie. :D We changed it because there was another Lost Boys in Edmonton at the time! There's also a local cover band here in Victoria called The Lost Boys - popular name, and a good one... :laugh:
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    Hey BnB!

    Right down the road in Louisa here. When is your next date at Callihan’s? I’d like to come check y’all out!

  12. We got a call for a fill in date for June 28. I'll message you if we end up playing it. Glad to know there are some local folks on here!

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  13. It’s an 80’s classic. Good cast, really, worth a watch, good for a hoot. It has both Corries in it if I am not mistaken?
  14. Don't you just love Murphy's law ha ha ha glad it all work out in the end. Congrats on the call back always a good sign when they call you up for a band cancellation.
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    I suck, but nobody really notices
    Ha, I was totally thinking vampires and Corey Feldman. Hahahah, spaced it completely.

    Edit: oh, nm. I thought right
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  16. G19Tony


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    Good recovery from a shakey start! It's cool that you got another gig out of it, too. :thumbsup:
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  17. wintremute

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    WHAT!!! You have to watch that asap, and give us a report.
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  18. Ewo

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    Howdy, neighbor! Glad your gig went well. That's a real nice venue; we've worked there a number of times, too.

    Keep BassCliff's gig report rule in mind, next time: gotta get a food pic. (Heh.)
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  19. Corey Feldman and Corey Haim!
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  20. McG

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    Glad the crowd picked up and the club offered the cancelled spot to you.

    I think the only thing I've ever forgotten to take to a gig is a guitar stand. I'm one of those guys who has a back up for everything in my bag, and often times a back up for the back up :laugh:

    Wanna talk feeling old? I loved that movie as a 37 year old with two kids. :woot:
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