"The Magnet" by Troy Grady - only a couple more days for the Kickstarter (Dec 30)

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  1. DISCLAIMER: I'm in no way affiliated with Troy Grady or his company. I have used his video instruction quite a bit, and find the level of detail in his analysis incredible, and that is why I'm fully in support of this product.

    If you guys aren't familiar with Troy Grady's "Cracking the Code" video series, it's a highly detailed analysis of the picking techniques used by guitar "virtuosos". From Rusty Cooley to Frank Gambale, Albert Lee to Michelangelo Battio, Troy's method of capturing right hand movement through slow motion video, and his ability to analyze and dissect the technique behind the player is second-to-none.

    "The Magnet" was developed to aid in this capturing process. As you'll see in the supporting video, what was once a process that involved thousands of dollars of specialized video equipment is now possible with a simple smart phone and a little bit of good ol' fashioned ingenuity.

    If you're serious about your playing, please check out this Kick-starter campaign for Troy's "Magnet" smart phone attachment device for guitar and bass. I'm blown away by the idea, absolutely stunned by the results that are demonstrated time and time again in the videos on Troy's site, and 100% confident that this tool can be a great learning and teaching tool for any guitar player of any level.

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    Love love love his stuff!