The many bassists of The Cult

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    Nov 28, 2001
    These guys are often overlooked for their mastery of the bass. Whoever played on the Sonic Temple album totally kicked ass. Basslines like "Sweet Soul Sister" are totally infectious, catchy, and downright sweet to the ears. The guy they have now is named Billy Morrison. Saw them live this year and he kicked ass as well live in Atlanta. Great band, great bassists.
  2. I think it was original bassist Jamie Stewart on the Sonic Temple album.

    I love his chorused Stingray basslines on earlier stuff like Resurrection joe and Go west.(there's a bit of that sound at the beginning & middle of "Sun King" on Sonic Temple too)

    very AC/DC-like tight rhythm section approach on the Electric album (eg. Lil devil, Wildflower).

    Charley Drayton (I think he played with Keith Richards' Xpensive Winos) played on the Ceremony album after Jamie Stewart left, Craig Adams (of the original Sisters of mercy and The Mission) on 1994's The Cult album, and Martyn Lenoble (of Porno for pyros) and session player Chris Wyse on the new album Beyond good and Evil (great album).

    saw them at the UK Reading festival- brilliant:)
  3. The Cult is decent, my roomate is really big on them, so I've listened to them a few times. The bassist seems solid, not fantastic, but solid. "The Witch" has a pretty cool bassline, excellent use of distortion... not too distorted, just right.
  4. Yeah, I think Jamie Stewart really got a chance to show off on Sonic Temple - I still think this was their best album (I haven't heard the new one yet, so may change my mined!)
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    Apr 2, 2000
    The Many Bassists of the Cult...

    ... as opposed to the Cult of Many Bassists -- TalkBass!

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  6. last week I bought the "Dreamtime", "Love", "Electric" and "Sonic temple" albums for £5.99 each.

    huge rock guitar riffs aplenty.
    I almost bought "Sonic temple" when it came out in 1989 on the strength of the "Sweet soul sister" video on The UK Chart Show (sadly missed:()-better late then never:)
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    Nov 20, 2000
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    Since when does Captain Picard say that?
  8. I've been checking out a live recording of a show in 1989 on the Sonic temple tour, at the Spiritwalker site

    Jamie Stewart was using a Spector NS2, and takes a bluesy mini-solo at the beginning of "sun king".
    he and Matt Sorum made a great rhythm section.
    love the Led-Zep-Black-dog style riffing of "Automatic blues".

    definitely an underrated bassist- a clip from the "Live at the lyceum" video looked impressive too.

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