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The Mars Volta - Tremulent EP

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Bassline1414, May 16, 2002.

  1. I just got this cd today. It features the guitarist and lead singer from the now-defunct rock band At the Drive-In and I must say I like it much more than ATDI. It's much more trippy and abstract and I really like it. Nice, weird, rock and roll. :)
  2. C'mon, no one's heard of these guys?
  3. i've heard that they're better than Sparta. :D
    thanks for the plug, i'll check it out.
  4. I need to check out Sparta, I hear they're a lot more like ATDI than the Mars Volta is.
  5. Ive downloaded music from both Sparta and Mars Volta and although it was alright I cant even compare it to ATDI. I really think ATDI was something special; a really tight well rounded and very energetic band that was bringing back the heart and soul of rock and roll. I dont hear the same sincerity, energy, or power in either of these two bands. Im still going to deffinetley keep up with em though.
  6. I found out that a lot of the Mars Volta songs that are available on the downloading programs are not actual songs on their cd. I was surprised when I bought the cd because a lot of the mp3s were mislabeled and were other miscellaneous MV songs.
  7. I like Mars Volta better than Sparta, maybe I just haven't listened to Sparta enough. Mars Volta has more interesting songs....but I think Sparta will go farther with the new indie/emo craze that's starting to light up the charts.

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