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  1. What a cool idea!

    The MIMF/Musical Instrument Makers Forum members are planning to collaboratively make a bass in order to raise money for the Forum/site. Members will donate their materials and labor.

    The way they see doing it is shipping it among the selected volunteering members for each component. They want it to be made as much as possible by the members, (there is some real talent in the membership). This includes custom pickups made by a member, inlay, the preamp, the neck-through-body, the bridge, and the case. (I'm a member, but don't let that worry you - Rick Turner is, too). The bridge is supposed to accommodate piezos. Tuners and some electronic parts will be made by external sources. The wood has been donated by a member, which includes a bookmatched myrtlewood burl top plate.

    When completed, they will sell it at public auction.

    The MIMF newsletter says, "...want to stress that we need this bass to turn out absolutely top notch. It will represent...our best work to the world." PLUS, if this one goes well, they will do more of these.

    The plans and a picture of the board for the top, (mercy!), can be seen if you scroll down the page at -

    Yes, it is a 4-string.
  2. Rick, I'm glad you got this put on the board here. The MIMF is having some financial trouble (I suppose like most boards) and this is the solution they came up with.

    Why a bass??

    Through the discussion, it was pointed out that guitar players are often really limited by their lust for brand name gear. On the other hand, bassists are a bit more experimental and are more likely to try a bass simply because of features or looks. That is a compliment to us, I think, cuz it points out that we've got bit more of an open mind than guitarists. Either that or we're just stupider :D

    I'll tell you from my experience on that forum that the finished product will rival anything you've seen before. These guys are really good and since they are only using the journeymen builders for this project, you can be assured of quality. Hell, these guys whip off carved top hollowbody's and Les Paul clones like there was no tommorow.

    I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product.
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  4. Hambone - I got a buzz off of that, too....."(guitarists) heavily wedded to brand names and the image they carry....bassists far more experimental...." The person who said that is a pretty interesting guy. He was editor-in-chief for "PC Magazine" and is VP of Technology for Ziff-Davis Publishing. Plus, he's really into luthiery, pickups, and made a nice bridge for his son's bass that he shows at his website.

    The Forum member who is donating the woods is the big dog at Gallery Hardwoods. I've had emai exchanges with him when I was looking for instrument woods and they get some nice stuff.
    I like his comments, " quality and figured materials are a must...Personally, I like working with bass builders because for sure they are very willing to experiment with eye hurtin' woods and very appreciative of natural wood 'art' and a little nuts like me about wood." :D