The most natural amp of all?

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  1. Etingi

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    Nov 3, 2007
    If you push the strap button or headstock of your bass against a wall, the resonance transfers and the wall amplifies the bass in a way. This can be done with other wooden objects like a dresser for example. It it's big enough to add noticeable volume to the unplugged sound, the tone is usually pretty deep and IMO good. Very woody, coincidentally.

    I play unplugged a lot (semi-hollow) and like the sound of the 'wall amp', but it's usually uncomfortable to keep the strap button pressed against the wall. What I'm curious about is if a box, panel, or other object of some sort could be built with a convenient and solid point to make contact with the bass and a design that maximizes the amplification and projection. Maybe something like a folded horn? I really don't know how exactly it'd work. I just feel like it could potentially be a cool natural-sounding amplication of sorts if developed.
  2. Try pressing the headstock against an overdriven tube amp. Electric beauty.
    On topic though, I'd like to build a hybrid bass/chair, w/a large box-type sound chamber that you sit on, w/a neck & strings attached to it. See me, feel me. Steal this idea from me- I'll never get around to it. :)
  3. Sorry, to be rude, but I can't resist...

    Isn't what you're after essentially an acoustic bass guitar or upright?
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    Nov 3, 2007
    I haven't played more than a couple uprights and only briefly, so maybe that is a similar sound to what I'm getting.
    I mean some kind of wooden (or maybe other material) cabinet, box, horn etc that amplifies the resonance of a separate bass through direct contact between two solid points (ie the strap button and wall). Not sure what specific design would work though.
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    dude, you DO realize what forum you posted this on, right?

    Or are you looking to get a bunch of smartelic retorts from this thread? lol
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    Sep 25, 2008
    I think you need to put your jaw on the Bass and play thats a direct connection to your head, works almost as good as an amplifier. Then go play out and have everybody else put their jaw on your bass. Could be cool... Could make a lot of friends. BOB
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    Sep 21, 2008

    Practice anywhere, without disturbing anybody! Featured in Bass Player Magazine, the Dragonfly Stethoscope Amp doesn't use any batteries or cables, so you can practice and play anywhere. It provides players with a light-weight, self-sufficient, natural amplification device (great bass response!) that attaches easily with suction cups to the back of any bass.
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    I have a Dragonfly (two, actually). They're awesome for what you're talking about, but only useful for practicing—they're not electronic, so there's no real way to record what's going on, nor amplify it for more than just your own ears. The closest thing I think would be a piezo pickup clamp, like those headstock tuners use. You could try to wire an output jack to that and plug it into an amp. I imagine, though, that a standard piezo in the bridge saddles would sound pretty similar and be a lot more practical.
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    Dec 4, 2006
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    Maybe something with a string and a paper cup? ;)
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    been there done that.

    the only issues i can think of in a practical sense is that the pickups and eventual amplification put such a stamp on the tone of the bass that you'll never get that same sound out of a resonance device.

    If you made one big enough it would be huge. even the DB is scarcely big enough to produce the low fundamentals.

    however, when you build this monster i want to hear it...:D
  11. ehque


    Jan 8, 2006
    What is natural? The sound of the strings? The sound of the wood resonating? Or the sound that the pickups pick up (a combination of the vibrations of the section of string directly above the pickup and the wood in which the pickup is mounted)?
  12. Interesting question. It does sound like your wanting more of the body vibration tone from the bass. Experimenting with piezo's may be the way to go. Some big time bass player has a bass with piezo's scattered in the headstock/body and can blend them to taste...Michael Manring maybe?
  13. yea.. im thinking piezo as well
  14. Re-read the OP. Sounds like you want a giant Gramophone for bass
  15. Victor Victrola!
  16. Are cabinet watts louder than tube watts?

  17. kcolyar


    Feb 28, 2007
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    I know I am setting myself up for smart aleck remarks, but seriously. What amps are good for reproducing the acoustic sound of your bass. I love my two basses unplugged. The tone is deep, clear and zingy. I love the sound, but then I plug them into my 15 yr old Cr*$e and the sound is gone. The tone isn't bad. It sounds like any country bass, but I want clean, deep bass. My Treker sounds just like Vic Wootens tone to my ears. What gives?
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    Well, there's already a drum chair hybrid - the Cajon, used in Flamenco.
  19. There are so many factors at work, there's no easy answer to your question. Hands, fingers, picks, Pickups, strings, eq, gain, cords,...........on and on will impact the tone
    Definitely a change in your bass amp may give you more clean deep bass than your Crate. But searching for "the tone" that's in your head is a long and seemingly endless journey...just check out this website...
    I used to live in Moab and I know that you are a long way from a music store (at least it used to be) I will say deep clear and zingy makes me think of GK amps, but you should try your basses with as many different amps as you can and see what appeals to you. Good Luck!

  20. Trevorus


    Oct 18, 2002
    Urbana, IL
    Lightwave made some pickups that sense the vibration of the string with light. I've never heard them, but maybe they are somewhat along those lines?