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The Music Industry Has 99 Problems. And They Are…

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by vmabus, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. 5544


    Dec 1, 2015
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  2. It seems to me that the entire architecture of music supply/access has changed.

    The old format of "top 40' isn't really around . There are too many genres each with it's own "top 40'.

    There is an absolute over supply of music out there. And unless you go looking for something in particular you may never hear it or hear of that artist.

    Even if you find a song you like, that doesn't mean the artist will become famous. It just means you like that song...whereas thousands of others might not.

    There are thousands of choices out there.

    There are artists out there I've never heard of who are good. And I probably will never run across them.

    Every musician thinks they make the best music on the planet.

    All this coupled with an inconsistency of formats and marketing makes it harder.

    Some people are under the impression that because the internet is what it is these days , along with smart phones and tablets, that anything you put out there will be a success because of the exposure.

    But the exposure now is equivalent to tossing a small rock off the beach into a gigantic ocean. The rock being your product and the ocean being the sea of product that's already out there.

    And figuratively anybody can go out there and get a free cup of ocean if they like.

    The digital/technology/corporate geeks brought this industry mess on themselves.
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  3. atleast half of the music industry's problems are musicians. have you met musicians?
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  4. zontar


    Feb 19, 2014
    Makes me glad I never got that far with music professionally--so I can just play it for fun & enjoyment--but those of you who do something with it have earned some respect.
  5. MGR

    MGR Banned

    Jan 18, 2015
    Bronx, NY
    Great article, and it confirmed what I've been feeling intuitively for many years. Ultimately, the fans aren't there anymore. Sociologically speaking, music doesn't mean as much to the youth of today as it meant for my generation (born in 73). Back then, music was one of the only things we had to differentiate from our parents. As soon as video games started to become very popular in the late 80's, that signalled the death knell of music as a social force.

    Nowadays, with so many other distractions, coupled with a depressed economy where people are working 2-3 jobs just to break even, who has time, energy or money to give a crap about the latest artist?

    And while I would never say that interesting music isn't being made today, it is extremely hard to find, and then when it is found, we can listen to it for free all day long and then move on to the next thing. Hardly a recipe for success for any given musician.

    There was a time when all I wanted was to be a famous rock star. Like most kids my age coming up in the 80's and early 90's, we were still working off the old model of a record company signing and supporting the artist. What a huge mistake in our thinking that was because in all reality, we were doomed before we started. The business started changing rapidly after the Nirvana craze of 91/92. I wish I had listened to my parents and got serious about life earlier, but alas, I still held onto my unrealistic dreams well into the 2000's.

    One day, however, I simply realized that none of us were gonna be the next Rush/Zeppelin/Beatles and it would serve me much better to pack it in and call it a day. I became a gardener. Now, I run my own business and teach horticulture and quite honestly, I have never felt more at peace with myself personally and professionally. Weirdly enough, teaching adults about horticulture has fulfilled the need I have to perform and has been a perfect substitute for the feeling of being on stage.

    Today, I hardly even listen to music anymore, I only play in my apartment, and when I do listen to music I am now listening to the "oldies" from the 80's. I would say that there are 10's of millions of people just like me.

    The original rockers have died, my generation has grown up, and the kids today just don't seem to have the attention span to deal with being a real music fan or musician. There are many exceptions to that I'm sure, but I am speaking in the aggregate.
  6. Davey28

    Davey28 Supporting Member

    Feb 19, 2015
    Gaylord, Mi.

    What a great analysis!

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